WPX Hosting Pricing Plan: Which one is best for you in 2022?

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Find out what WPX pricing will be in 2022. This information is provided to assist you in determining which WPX plan is best for your needs.

Do you want to host your WordPress blog on a more secure and quicker server?

WPX includes WordPress hosting, strong CDNs, and SSLs (about). Customer service is available around the clock. WPX’s comprehensive solution can help small business owners and internet entrepreneurs.

Then look into WPX Hosting. All plans include valuable extras like free site migration, daily backups, and managed WordPress hosting.

We’ll go through the WPX pricing for each plan in-depth, as well as the features that come with it, so you can pick the best plan for your needs.

What are the WPX Hosting Plans?

WPX Hosting offers three basic pricing options: Business, Professional, and Elite. The Business Plan costs $20.83 per month, Professional $41.58 per month, and Elite $83.25 per month.

You can also use WPX Hosting Coupon to get up to a 50% discount on your premium WordPress hosting plan.

WPX’s WordPress hosting plans are divided into three groups:

  • Business
  • Professional
  • Elite

WPX hosting’s basic plan is one of the most popular and cheap plans for new WordPress sites, focusing on performance and growth.

WPX Pricing Plans 

The Business plan is WPX Hosting’s first offering. There are no individual or minor plans. This does not, however, imply that WPX is out of reach for individual bloggers. You can save money on three WPX plans by utilizing the promo codes shown above.

WPX offers the most cost-effective plans for everyone who wants powerful, fast, and dependable servers with friendly customer service.

1. WPX Business Plan

WPX Business Plan

This plan is for those who run a simple blog or website and want their site to perform well soon. This plan is for you if you’re just getting started with WordPress and want super-fast, secure, and simple hosting.

The plan costs $24.99 per month and includes 100GB of bandwidth for up to five websites. You’ll get 10 GB of disc space and 10 GB of disc space in addition to SSD servers and dedicated RAM.

WPX Business Plan Features:

  • 5 Websites
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  •  WPX Cloud CDN

WPX Business Plan Cost:

  1. The Monthly cost is $24.99/mo
  2. The Annual cost is $20.83/mo

2. WPX Professional Plan

WPX professional plan

If you’re searching for a somewhat more complex version of the preceding hosting plan, the Professional plan is for you. It allows you to host up to 15 sites at once with no fuss.

The plan you select costs $49.99 per month and includes up to 15 websites with 200 GB of bandwidth. You’ll get 20 GB of storage space for your website in addition to dedicated RAM and SSD servers.

If you have many high-traffic websites, this is the package for you. This $49.99 per month package allows you to host up to 15 websites. 20 GB of additional disc space will be provided via dedicated RAM and SSD.

WPX Professional Plan Features:

  • 15 Websites
  • 20 GB Storage
  • The bandwidth of 200 GB
  • Cloud CDN from WPX

WPX Professional Plan Costs:

  1. It costs $49.99/mo
  2. It costs $41.58/mo Annually

3. WPX Elite Plan

WPX Elite Plan

This is the most complex plan and should be used by a high-traffic website. If you have a lot of visitors to your site and want a high-speed WordPress hosting plan, this is the option for you.

This plan costs $99 per month and allows you to host 35 websites with unlimited bandwidth. You’ll get 40 GB of storage space for your website in addition to dedicated RAM and SSD servers.

Because there are no preferences in terms of performance or support, it is entirely dependent on the number of sites to host and the number of resources required.

WPX Elite Plan Features:

  • 35 Websites
  • 40 GB Storage
  • ∞ Bandwidth
  • WPX Cloud CDN

WPX Elite Plan Cost:

  1. Monthly: $99/mo
  2. Annually: $83.25/mo

This means that not only will you be able to host your WordPress website without any issues, but you will also be able to easily upgrade as your website grows and requires more resources.

Summary of WPX Plans and Total Cost

A quick look at WPX pricing.

  • Business plan; 10GB of disk space, 5 websites, free malware removal – $24.99/month.
  • Professional plan; 20GB of storage, 15 websites, malware removal included – $49.99/month.
  • Elite plan; 40 GB of disk space, 35 websites, free malware removal – $99/month.

WPX Features

  • Unlimited free SSL certificates
  • Malware attacks are guaranteed to be fixed for you
  • Migration of your website for free
  • With WPX Cloud, you get faster speeds
  • Offers 24/7 customer support (average response time of 40 seconds or less)
  • Backups every day and fully secure
  • Scanning for malware & hacks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

It will ensure that your site loads quickly, and your inspector will never allow it to slow down. In terms of bandwidth and speed, WPX hosting is the most powerful. It will also provide your website with strong security at a very minimal cost.

Their customer service department is always willing to help you or address your problems. The hosting costs $24.99 per month.

WPX Hosting is one of the most cost-effective managed WordPress providers available when compared to other managed WordPress hosting.

Conclusion: WPX Hosting Pricing

Because it is a managed WordPress hosting company, WPX Hosting costs more than Hostgator, Hostgator, and Siteground. When it comes to WordPress hosting, it is still superior to WPEngine and Kinsta.

They provide outstanding customer service. The best hosting provider I’ve ever seen. Everything is always finished on time, and they are always willing to assist.

WPX is fantastic! They converted my site in less than 24 hours, and it now loads wonderfully. I enjoyed their kind assistance and clear explanations.

If you’re looking for specifics, super-specification servers + SSD + PHP 7.x + Caching Equals best-in-class performance.

In addition to providing superior page loading SPEED through the utilisation of high-spec SSD servers (which we own rather than renting) that are intentionally UNDERloaded with sites and accounts – optimised machines capable of handling extremely high traffic loads.

WPX Hosting is the finest alternative for anyone looking for a high-quality, low-cost hosting service. WPX Hosting will save you time and effort by providing you with superior performance and support.

If you’re on a tight budget, Kinsta or WPEngine are good options if you require an additional geo-data centre, such as India. However, the majority of people recommend WPX hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WPX hosting worth it?

Overall, WPX hosting is a terrific choice if you’re searching for a low-cost managed WordPress hosting solution that provides both speed and performance. Furthermore, even the entry-level plan allows you to host up to five websites, making it a superb deal if you’re hosting multiple sites.

Is WPX cloud hosting?

WPX provides a custom-built CDN called WPX Cloud. WPX’s team improves and changes its Cloud CDN on a regular basis to guarantee optimal WordPress speed. Let’s look at what makes it useful.

What does WPX Energy do?

WPX Oil Inc. is a privately held energy company focused on the Permian and Williston basins. Approximately 80% of WPX’s production is oil/liquids and 20% is natural gas. The corporation also owns a Permian Basin infrastructure portfolio.

Where is WPX hosting based?

WPX has three data centres: one in Chicago, one in London, and one in Sydney.

What is WPX stock?

Fibonacci 50 percent Fibonacci 52-week high 14.09 Last Price 9.43 Fibonacci number 8.02 = 38.2% 6.58 52-Week Low 1.94 1.

What is WPX?

Williams Production and Exploration, Inc. (WPX Energy) was a hydrocarbon exploration business. The company was founded in Delaware and is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company merged with Devon Energy in 2021.

Is WPX hosting shared?

It isn’t as inexpensive as shared hosting, but it also doesn’t compete with shared hosting. Instead, it competes with managed WordPress providers like Kinsta, WP Engine, Flywheel, and others. WPX Hosting is quite inexpensive in comparison to those hosts, especially if you need to host many websites.

When was WPX founded?

Tulsa, Oklahoma is the company’s headquarters, which was created in 1983.

Did Devon buy WPX?

Devon Energy has finalised its acquisition of rival WPX Energy, forming one of the country’s major shale companies with a stronghold in West Texas. The acquisition was valued at $5.8 billion by S&P Global Platts.

Does Facebook use web hosting?

Facebook now has around 30,000 servers supporting its operations, hosts 80 billion photos, and serves over 600,000 photos per second to its users. Inside a Facebook data centre, a view of the fully occupied racks.

What does Wpx in DHL mean?

International express shipping of dutiable shipments outside the EU with delivery by 18:00 on the next available business day. This service is offered by WPX – DHL Express Worldwide (nondoc).

Who owns Wpx?

The Devon Energy Corporation is an energy firm that operates in the United States and is involved in hydrocarbon exploration. It is incorporated in the state of Delaware, and its administrative and operational offices are located at the Devon Energy Center, a 50-story building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Did Devon buy Wpx?

The acquisition of Devon Energy’s competitor, WPX Energy, by Devon Energy has been successfully completed, becoming one of the major shale companies in the country with a preeminent position in West Texas. The acquisition was estimated to be worth $5.8 billion by S&P Global Platts.

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