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WP-Optimize Cache is a plugin that caches your site, cleans your database, and compresses your pictures.

Let’s look at some of the cool features of WP-Optimize that will help you skyrocket your website.

The three main aspects of WP-Optimize are:

1. It helps you to optimize and clean your database.

Everything you need for your website, as well as a lot more, is stored in your WordPress database. WP-Optimize Cache cleans up your tables and even restores data fragmentation space by removing all of this unnecessary material.

  • Executes optimizations without the need for explicit queries.
  • UpdraftPlus may automatically start a pre-optimized backup.
  • Display database information as well as potential cost reductions.
  • Removes any info that isn’t needed.
  • During clean-ups, keeps a certain number of weeks’ worth of data.
  • Control over which optimizations are performed in detail
  • Weekly clean-ups are carried out automatically.

2. It allows you to reduce the size of your photographs.

The most common cause of slowing down your ecommerce site’s loading speed is huge pictures.

WP-Optimize Cache features an image-compression tool that employs cutting-edge lossy compression algorithms to turn huge photos (that take a long time to load) into compressed files kept in your image library, where they can be uploaded in seconds.

  • Bulk compression is a feature that allows you to compress several pictures at once.
  • Intelligent, multi-pass lossy compression technique that provides double the compression with far less quality loss.
  • The ‘Restore Originals’ feature allows you to recover or restore your original photos at any time.
  • The auto-compress feature compresses photos when they are uploaded to the site.
  • The term “EXIF Data-Keeping” refers to the fact that picture information is preserved even after the image has been compressed.

3. It enables you to cache your pages for quick page load

Caching is the process of storing dynamic data in a temporary storage location so that it may be accessed quickly. Caching is a tried-and-true method of ensuring that web pages load quickly.

When a visitor views any page or post on your site, our powerful yet easy caching function builds the cache. WordPress generates that page by processing the dynamic PHP files, which we save as a static HTML file in the cache folder so that the page is cached and doesn’t need to be processed again when the next visitor arrives. This caching speeds up the loading process while also giving your server a rest.

  • Preloading the cache ensures that it is always ready and loaded.
  • HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are compressed using Gzip to speed up site loading.
  • To guarantee that the optimized page version is always provided, a device-specific cache is used.
  • Advanced cache exclusion rules, which allow you to cache practically anything by excluding logged-in users, particular URLs, and cookies.
  • If no modifications have been made since the last request, Browser Cache instructs client browsers to reuse cached resources (HTML, CSS, JS, and pictures).

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