Squirrly SEO Review 2022: How Can It Increase Your Search Traffic?

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In this post, I will do a Squirrly SEO review which covers its features, benefits of using it, pricing plans, and customer reviews.

Squirrly SEO Review: What is Squirrly?

Squirrly SEO Review

Squirrly is an SEO plugin; nevertheless, it is not intended to serve as a replacement for the widely used Yoast.

It is possible to utilize it in conjunction with Yoast to offer you an excellent SEO system that will assist you in getting high rankings for your articles in Google’s search engine index.

Although many people choose to use just Yoast or SEO Ultimate, they are free to utilize Squirrly in conjunction with either of these on any web page or blog post in order to get the highest possible ranking for that content.

This is how the process goes. The functionality is different from that of other SEO plugins.

To begin, there is the cost: if you want to use the Premium version, it will cost you $29.99 a month unless you just produce 5 posts each month.

How To Setup Squirrly SEO Plugin?


Immediately following the completion of the plugin’s installation, it will request that you input your email address in order to begin the process of creating an account with Squirrly SEO.

If you don’t have it, you won’t be able to utilize any of the plugin features (believe me, I tested), since such functions need a connection to the cloud servers that the plugin developer maintains.

To the email address that you provide, Squirrly SEO will also give you SEO reports, keyword suggestions, and SEO tips.

After you have entered your email address, the plugin will inquire as to whether or not it should import data from any additional SEO plugins that are currently installed on your website.

A site analysis will also be performed (here’s a pro tip: don’t test the plugin on a local development site that can’t be scanned as I did at first). Following that, you will be brought to the primary plugin dashboard.

Squirrly SEO Review: Key Features

Next in this Squirrly SEO review, I will like to show some of the key features that I like about Squirrly SEO are:

Detailed SEO Audits

Detailed SEO Audits

The capability that allows you to run pages on your website through an external audit is Squirrly’s most notable feature, and it comes standard. They may be added to the waiting list under the SEO Audit section.

To create a new page, just select “Add New Page” on the left side of the screen or the button that reads “Add New Page” in the main menu.

After doing so, you will be brought to the screen shown below, where you may click the Add Page to Audit button to begin.

It is possible that finishing it will take a few minutes. Information is gathered for the audit from a wide variety of various sources, including Search Console and Google Analytics.

When it is finished, you will be able to retrieve the results by selecting the Overview menu item.

Check our detailed comparison of Squirrly SEO vs Rank Math to find out which one has the best features and good UI.

SEO Goals That Keep You Focused

SEO Goals

After you have completed the preliminary check on the main page of the website, Squirrly SEO will provide you with a list of SEO goals.

Additionally, they are shown on the taskbar at the top of the screen and in a widget on the main dashboard.

In order to accomplish these goals, you must first connect your website to Google Analytics and Search Console. After that, you must define focus pages or build internal links to key material.

You also have the option to click the Show me how button in order to obtain an explanation of how to complete each assignment.

There is also a button that, when clicked, will transport you to the specific section of the plugin or of your website where the action may be finished.

It is feasible to check off a job as completed even if you have no intention of carrying it out. The plugin will set three objectives for each day, but you have the option to “review ahead” once you have completed the activities that are currently being worked on.

The fact that this is presented in a game-like manner appeals to me, and I believe that it may be of great use to novices who might not be familiar with any of this information.

It is also a wonderful reminder for everyone else so that you do not forget something crucial that you need to remember.

Live Assistant supports on-page SEO


Squirrly, much like other plugins, includes a component known as Live Assistant that does SEO analysis on pages and articles. By default, it will be shown on the right side of the editor screen.

You are required to put a keyword at the very top (or insert one from your briefcase, more on that below). After that, the plugin will begin its job and report back to you on how well your post is optimized for it.

In the free version, the following are the criteria that it examines:

  • Keyword length
  • URL, title, headers, and content include the keyphrase
  • Title length vs. domain
  • Keyphrase in picture ALT tags
  • Highlighting keywords in bold

The objective is to make sure that all of the indicators are green. Because the objectives are presented in the user interface at first in the form of sentences, this is not totally obvious (e.g. Keywords are used in the Title). Bear in mind, however, that this is only the case when they are given the go-ahead to proceed.

In the menus for Posts and Pages, in addition to the Live Assistant, you will also notice an indicator for the amount of optimization that has been applied to the material that you have created. In addition, there are links that will take you to the locations where you may alter their search snippets (more on that soon).

The pro edition of the plugin includes a number of extra tests, such as determining whether your content is nice to Google, whether it is overoptimized, or whether it is friendly to humans.

Important Squirrly SEO Settings

You may modify the way your site appears in search results by adjusting the settings that are included in this menu, along with a number of additional choices. The following items can be found in the various menu are:

  1. Automation: Establish patterns for the title structures of various content kinds and decide whether or not to enable indexing of those structures. Incoming links should be set to “no-follow,” you should decide whether or not to include this material in the sitemap, and broken links should be redirected. You also have the option to decide whether or not you wish to enable Squirrly-created data (such as metas, Open Graph, etc.), as well as the length of the data and tracking scripts.
  2. SEO Links: Choose whether to redirect attachment pages to the image URL, optionally add no-follow to all external links, and open them in new tabs or windows. Also, decide whether to redirect attachment pages to the image URL. You are also free to insert exceptions in this section.
  3. Squirrly should automatically optimize some sections of the on-page SEO, so review what those components are below.
  4. Create data with a structured format that can be indexed by search engines using JSON LD. Include information such as the name of the firm, its logo, a description of the company, its address, and so on. This topic has previously been discussed in our prior reviews of plugins. This page may also be reached through the Local SEO menu item.
  5. Settings for your profile’s presence across social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. You also have the option of listing the social profiles that are associated with your website here.
  6. Monitoring Instruments – Connect to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, activate or deactivate support for AMP, and choose whether or not to monitor people who are signed in.
  7. Webmaster Tools – This feature gives you the ability to link to the webmaster tools of Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, Alexa, and Pinterest, in addition to allowing you to install Norton Safe Web Code.
  8. Sitemap XML gives you control over the content of your sitemap, as well as crawl parameters and other options. You may also get here by selecting the Sitemap XML menu item in the sidebar that’s located on the WordPress website.
  9. The ability to alter the robots.txt file is referred to as “robots.txt.”
  10. Favicon: Enable and customize a favicon that includes icons for Apple Touch devices.
  11. Import/Export – Import SEO data and settings from other SEO plugins and applications, or generate a backup of your own SEO data and settings using the export feature. Also includes the capability to roll back the plugin’s installation and reinstall it.

Squirrly SEO Reviews and Testimonials

Squirrly SEO Reviews, Awards and Testimonials

I purchased Squirrly on April 28th 2021 and as of the morning of May 19th 2021 traffic to my site has increased by nearly 10X compared to traffic for the month of April.

Reed Floren – Online Marketing Expert, Best Selling co-author

Squirrly SEO Awards

Awards received in 2022 by Squirrly SEO

Squirrly SEO Pricing

There are three different premium plan tiers to choose from.

  • Pro ($29.99 per month, first month $20.99)
  • Business ($71.99 per month)
  • Agency ($75.99 per month)
Squirrly SEO Plans & Pricing

You are free to call and cancel your plans at any moment and just make use of them as needed.

The number of websites that are compatible with Squirrly as well as the number of focus pages, keyword studies, keyword suggestions, audits, and other features all increased with each plan.

You will also have access to an enhanced Live Assistant and Audit Suite, both of which provide you with extra information and enhanced help respectively.

You will also have access to in-depth keyword research, sophisticated analytics, a scoreboard for top ranking sites, on-demand rank checking, and rank checking done through Squirrly Cloud rather than Google Search Console when you upgrade to the Business plan.

The meanings of several of these terms are not totally clear to me, and there is also no information available about them; yet, this is what you will receive.

Squirrly SEO Pros and Cons

As is customary for evaluations of any kind, in this last section, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using Squirrly SEO.


The plugin is like an SEO package. You get several functions in WordPress’ back end that require an external provider like Ahrefs or Moz. Rank trackers and keyword research tools are usually standalone apps, however here they’re plugins.

Being able to keep keyword research ideas is also useful. No need to construct an Excel table, the info is always there.

The plugin includes site audits and focuses pages for thorough research. They provide you with lots of advice on how to improve your site and consider various things. This is great for beginners. It’s good having everything in one location.


  • I nearly see more drawbacks than advantages with Squirrly SEO, which is a bummer because I wanted to like it.
  • First, the free plugin’s feature list is sparse. While capable, the free version lacks crucial features.
  • First, the plugin has too many features and choices and little onboarding. Even as a WordPress expert, I had trouble navigating and knowing what to do. I can’t imagine how novices feel.
  • The sidebar menu and feature list are too long (which could really use a way to sort by active and non-active).

My Final Thought on Squirrly SEO Review

As was indicated before in this squirrely SEO review, my hopes were high that I would like to use Squirrly SEO. When seen from the outside, the concept of linking your website to an external service that provides you with individualized SEO advice appears to be really cool.

It is also obvious that they went into a lot of trouble to create a plugin that is loaded with different capabilities. In addition to step-by-step SEO goals, doing site audits, on-page keyword research, and rank tracking may be of great assistance.

And despite the fact that the content analysis tool is not as advanced as some of the other entries in this series (due to the fact that it is rather simplistic), it is still a very effective plugin.

Are you already using Squirrly SEO, or are you looking at purchasing the plugin? Leave a comment below with your views and opinions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WordPress SEO good?

WordPress users frequently inquire with us about the search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities of this platform. The correct response is “yes” WordPress, which was once known primarily as a blogging platform, has built a reputation for providing a solid SEO foundation as a content management system (CMS), and for good reason. It’s not a fluke that most websites powered by WordPress perform well in Google search results.

What is Squirrly SEO Plugin?

The Squirrly SEO Plugin for WordPress is a search engine optimization tool that assists businesses with rank tracking, keyword research, and website analytics operations.

Do SEO plugins work?

You can easily optimize your metadata with the help of an SEO plugin.
They play a significant role in conveying to search engines the content of the page and are therefore very important. If these meta elements are generated for you automatically by your website, there is a good chance that they have not been properly optimized for search engines.

Which SEO tool has a highly regarded SEO plugin for WordPress?

Yoast is a plugin for SEO. It is essential to have a clear understanding that the use of SEO WordPress plugins does not automatically result in a higher ranking for your content on search engines. These tools, however, are an excellent place to begin if you are unsure how to optimize content for search engines like Google and Bing.

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