Social Snap Review 2022: Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugin?

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There is no escaping the truth. When properly implemented, social media has the potential to completely revolutionize your company.

It only takes one post to reach that ideal level of engagement. And before you realize it, the volume of traffic to your website will skyrocket overnight.

The question now is, how can you create your social presence in a way that is natural and genuine?

You can find numerous examples on the internet that explain what steps you should do. On the other hand, I am a great believer in going your own way, and I accomplish this goal with the assistance of a few different tools.

It’s called Social Snap, in case you were wondering. Is it possible that this WordPress social media plugin is the best there is? Let’s find out together in my Social Snap Review.

Social Snap Review: What is Social Snap?

Social Snap Review

You may harness the power of social media with the assistance of a social media plugin for WordPress called Social Snap. This plugin gives you control over how people share and read your material on your website.

It loads in the wink of an eye and may be operated with very little effort on the user’s part. You won’t spend more than a few minutes getting set up before you’re ready to go.

It is an all-inclusive plugin that provides you with over 30 social networks and apps to pick from, as well as the capability to position share buttons nearly anywhere on your website. This provides you with exactly what you require the plugin to achieve.

What Are The Features of the Social Snap Plugin?

The plugin that SocialSnap offers can be downloaded for free as well as for a fee. But I’m going to focus this Social Snap Review on the premium version because the free option has a lot of restrictions, and I want to show you the entire range of customization choices that are accessible.

Using Social Snap

How to install Social Snap plugin

It is likely that getting started with Social Snap is less difficult than getting started with many of the other available social media plugins.

Download the plugin, then install it on your WordPress site and click the activate button after it’s done.

You are now prepared to make use of everything this plugin has to offer in its entirety. Why don’t we start by going through the fundamental capabilities and figuring out how to configure them?

Managing social networks

Managing social networks

When you travel to the dashboard for SocialSnap, the first choice that will be presented to you is a list of settings. The option to share content via social media is the most crucial of these. When you click the Social Sharing button, a new menu of choices will appear.

This section allows you to choose which social networks you are a member of and where on your website you would like their profiles to be displayed. To view your available choices, click the Manage Networks button.

There are a few options available to you here, including adding any social networks that you want, renewing your share counts, and selecting the share count providers for Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to utilize a third party to track shares for Twitter, you have the option of using one of the additional share count provider options. If you want to track counts for Facebook, you can use the Official Facebook counts.

Simply click the “Add Networks” button to add your various social networks. Select the networks you want to use, then click the Save Changes button.

Share button placement

Share button placement

Now is the time to select the locations on your website where you will present your social buttons. The following locations are available for the Social Snap button:

  • A floating sidebar
  • Inline buttons
  • Buttons on your various media devices
  • A share hub
  • And sticky bar

Floating sidebar

You are provided with a preview of how it will seem on your actual website once you click the Floating Sidebar button.

You have the option of moving the sidebar to a different location and offsetting its appearance by inputting a different amount of pixels.

The shape of the button can also be altered to become rounded, a circle, or a rectangle, and the user has the option to either raise or decrease the size of the button.

You have the ability to choose which pages will show your sidebar by selecting only the pages that you wish to show. For instance, I only want the floating sidebar to be displayed on the home page and individual article pages, so I have only checked those boxes in the relevant options.

Additional choices include the following:

  • Button spacing
  • Every network that gives users access to every other network and lets them choose which one they want to use
  • Tooltips for network labels.
  • Total number of shares counted
  • Every individual share is important.
  • Hide on mobile
  • Count of views
  • Minimum number of shares

In addition, you have the ability to select animations for the hovering of buttons and the entrance of your floating sidebar. Do you want to pick your own unique colors instead? You are also capable of doing it.

Inline buttons

All of the options that are available for the floating sidebar are also available for the inline buttons. On the other hand, these buttons are either placed above, below, or both above and below your content.

A post on a blog or an article is more likely to go viral if it is shared via this method. You may even customize the language that says “Share via” by changing it to a message that is more personalized for your readers.

On media

Including buttons for On Media on your website is a great way to encourage users to share your movies and photographs.

People who have a significant profile on Pinterest will adore this feature because it allows you to utilise your own personalized share photos on a per-post basis. If you wish, you can also modify the visibility of the buttons so that they only appear when the mouse is over them.

Share hub

The SocialSnap share hub appears as a button that may be expanded and is discretely located at the bottom of your screen. When a visitor clicks the button labeled “share hub,” only then are the sharing buttons made visible.

You have access to all of the available positioning options, just like you had with the prior layouts for placement. You even have the option of changing the color of the hub button to make it correspond more closely with the overall branding of your website.

Sticky Bar

This feature shows a full-width strip of social buttons at the bottom or the top of your page, depending on where you have chosen to place it.

In the event that you do not want the stretched arrangement, you are free to alter the buttons so that they appear in the same manner as those on your inline content.

Social follower settings

Social follower settings

Following the completion of the fine-tuning of how things will seem, it is now time to configure the appearance of the follower buttons that will be included in your social follow widgets.

After clicking Social Followers, select Social Networks from the drop-down menu.

This is the location where you may configure the social networks that you wish to utilise in shortcodes and widgets, as well as rearrange the order in which they appear. Simply reorder the networks in the way that you see fit by dragging and dropping them in the list.

After you have returned to the Social Followers area and clicked on Default Options, you will be presented with a screen that allows you to modify a variety of settings pertaining to the Social Follow component.

You have the ability to enable a wide variety of features, ranging from the size and spacing of the buttons to the display of follower counts and network labels.

Don’t care for a horizontal presentation? Enable the function that allows for a vertical arrangement, and if columns are more your style, you can have as many as five columns for the following buttons if you choose.

Click to Tweet features

Click-to-tweet is an option that has always been one of my favorites, and Social Snap does it better than anybody else.

You have the choice of including your username, a link to a page, as well as accounts that are associated with the tweet when you set up this option. In addition, you have the ability to enter a description of the manner in which each user is connected to you.

On mobile, it is possible to suppress this option in order to make the experience more streamlined. On the other hand, computer users have access to as many as six different methods to show their click-to-tweet portions.
Out of these six, the Style 5 template is without a doubt my top pick.

Social meta

If activated, the Social Meta section will add Twitter Cards and Open Graph meta tags, which will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of social sharing as well as search results and SEO.

You have the ability to upload an image that will serve as the default share images whenever someone shares a link to your website on social media. You have the opportunity to customize the appearance of your Twitter card, and you can include both your Twitter username and the URL for your Facebook page.

Social identity

In the “Social Identity” part, which is a simple section, you can add information about your Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts.

In addition to these capabilities, there is an additional section labeled Advanced Settings, which you can control.

  • The Tracking of Analytics
  • Recuperation of the share count
  • The shortening of links
  • The Migration of Plugins
  • Plugin Data
  • Compliance with the GDPR

In addition, there is a function that allows settings to be imported and exported. People who maintain more than one website will find this function to be especially helpful.

Utilizing statistics

The last part of the Social Snap plugin that I’m going to go through is called Statistics.

You get a really nice overview of your social data here, which enables you to monitor the material that is performing the best and make modifications wherever they are necessary.

For those of us who would rather have visual aids than be confronted with a large number of numbers, having a visual depiction of your statistics is a wonderful addition to include in your report. It gives you a quick snapshot perspective that you can interpret right away.

My analysis of Social Snap will continue with a look at the available add-ons after this…

Social Snap add-ons

In addition to continuously improving the user experience by developing new add-ons, Social Snap is continually increasing the breadth and depth of capabilities available in its core plugin.

Visitors to your website will be able to log in using their preferred social networks when you implement Social Login. You need to configure applications for each of your active network connections.

You’ll be able to give new life to your previous posts with the help of Boost Old Posts, which will automatically share them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Your new posts will automatically be shared on Twitter and LinkedIn when you use Social Auto-Poster.

In addition to that, there are two additional add-ons that are currently being developed. These add-ons are called Social Content Locker and Facebook Messenger Chat. The highlight of these two is a plug-in called Social Content Locker.

This plug-in prompts site users to share their posts in order to gain access to the content that is hidden behind the button. What a fantastic approach to motivating people to share the material you create!

Social Snap Pricing

Social Snap Pricing

There are three different membership packages available at Social Snap, each of which comes with a money-back guarantee for a period of 30 days.

These are the prices:

Plus: $39 for one site for one year of support, which includes all functionality but does not include any add-ons.

The Pro version: costs $99 and includes one year of support and all features, in addition to any add-ons that may be purchased.

The Agency plan: costs $299 and comes with one year of support and all features, in addition to any add-ons that may be purchased.

It is also important to point out that if you are accustomed to using Social Warfare, switching to Social Snap will provide you the chance to import all of your photographs, including the custom Pinterest images that you have created in the past. This way, you won’t lose any of the customized settings you’ve previously made.

Final Thoughts On Social Snap Review

In a world where everyone seems to be shouting from the rooftops, it can be challenging to build social accounts that have engaged audiences. There is a lot of noise, but very little time to get things done because of it.

It has come to my attention that making use of Social Snap enables one to reduce the amount of strenuous work required by automating a significant portion of the procedure.

Visitors are able to simply share the content with which they resonate due to the excellent positioning of share buttons on the page. For users of Pinterest, the ability to easily save photographs to their favorite boards would be greatly facilitated by the presence of buttons on media.

Your website visitors will actively engage with your material thanks to the click-to-tweet functionality, and the ability to transfer your settings and unique photos from other plugins, such as Social Warfare, will further streamline the experience for them.

In a world that is continuously linked, Social Snap is the ideal social media plugin for encouraging people to share and engage with the information you have created.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social snap?

By capitalizing on the reach of social media, the WordPress plugin known as Social Snap can assist you in generating more website traffic and boosting user participation.

How do I use social snaps in WordPress?

Log in to your WordPress dashboard, then go to the menu labeled Plugins and select the Add New button. This will perform an automatic installation of Social Snap. After entering “Social Snap” into the search window, click the Search Plugins button. Once you’ve located our plugin, all you need to do is click the “Install Now” button.

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