ShortlyAI Review In 2022: Can It Write Better Than Writers?

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Do you have a question about the ShortlyAI Review 2022? If you answered “yes,” then you have arrived at the correct location.

ShortlyAI is a GPT-3 based artificial intelligence writing assistant software that can write your articles, emails, advertisements copy, books, and whatever else you want it to write. It is one of the greatest writing assistants available.

If you use this unique URL, you won’t be asked for any of your financial information when you test out ShortlyAI for free. I strongly suggest that you read this Review of ShortlyAI all the way through to the finish.

Why? Because This page will discuss how to utilize ShortlyAI, as well as its benefits and drawbacks, pricing, features, frequently asked questions, and examples of the content that is produced by Shortly AI.

It will assist you in determining whether or not Shortly AI is the appropriate tool for your needs.

What is ShortlyAI?


ShortlyAI is a GPT-3-based AI writing assistant software that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to write your articles, advertisements, emails, books, and anything else you choose.

ShortlyAI employs AI to comprehend your needs and then compose content accordingly. You should not worry about the content’s quality because it is of superhuman caliber.

Shortly AI is not the first AI writing helper software, but according to my research, it is the greatest AI content writing software.

Since fifty days ago, I’ve been using ShortlyAI, and I like this program. It has saved me a significant amount of time when creating blog posts.

I’ve tried several other AI programs, but most of them don’t produce the expected results, and they’re also quite expensive.

Pros and cons of ShortlyAI

Pros of Shortly AI

  • Very simple to use
  • It can compose blog posts, books, emails, advertisements, etc.
  • There are various commands that can assist you to write anything you desire.
  • Unlimited Words allowance
  • Humanistic style of writing

Cons of ShortlyAI

  • It consistently writes inaccurate statistics and price data. Therefore, you must fix it manually.
  • The price is $79 per month, which is not reasonable for all customers.

Who may use ShortlyAI?

  • Anyone who desires to provide daily content
  • Whoever wishes to save time when producing content
  • Anyone who lacks the ability to write material
  • Anyone with a full-time job or an extremely hectic schedule
  • Anyone wishing to compose advertisements, emails, and other stuff within a minute
  • Is anyone interested in saving money on content writers and copywriters?
  • Whoever desires to enhance the quality of their stuff.

How to Create Content using ShortlyAI?

I primarily utilize ShortlyAI for article writing. Previously, it took me three to four days to write a 4,000-plus word piece but using ShortlyAI, I can produce the same post in three to four hours (with some breaks).

Follow this straightforward, step-by-step instruction to learn how to utilize Shortly AI to write articles.

STEP 1: Create New Document

Launch the ShortlyAI app on your device, and from the menu that appears, select “New Document” to begin the process of generating a document in which you can compose your article.

STEP 2: Select Write an Article

Now, you’ll see two options: “Write an Article” and “Write a Story.” Choose whichever one best suits your needs. Simply choose the option at the top of the list, then click the “Start Writing” button, as demonstrated in the following image.

STEP 3: Enter Title, Article Brief, and Initial line

Now is the moment to submit your blog post’s title, a quick article summary (to explain to AI what you intend to write), and the first line of your post (for better output).

STEP 4: Click on the “Write for Me” button.

Now, click the “Write for Me” button and observe the enchantment. soon AI will begin composing your post.

STEP 5: Get an Outstanding Article Composed by ShortlyAI

When you click “Write for Me,” you will receive the result generated by ShortlyAI.

Powerful Commands of ShortlyAI with Example

Powerful instructions distinguish ShortlyAI from other artificial intelligence (AI) tools. With ShortlyAI’s Instruct command, you can write anything you desire. It will be discussed in greater detail in the subsequent section.

1. Instruct Command

This command is one of my favorites. With this command, you can instruct ShortlyAI to perform any action you desire.

If you execute the Instruct command, Shortly AI will function similarly to Google Assistant. When you ask Google Assistant anything, it will respond with an answer. Right?

Similarly, you can direct Shortly AI to write anything you wish with the instruct command.

Instruct Command appears as follows:



2. Rewrite Command

This command allows you to rewrite any sentence or paragraph. Now, let’s examine the Rewrite command in depth.

Rewrite Command appears as follows: /rewrite [Your Sentence]

You can also run the rewrite command by selecting the sentence or paragraph and pressing CTRL+P on your keyboard.

3. /Shorten Command

The Abbreviate command is an additional strong ShortlyAI command that may be used to shorten lengthy paragraphs and sentences.

Let’s also discuss this command.

The shorten command appears as follows: /shorten [your phrase or statement here]

TIP: You may also run the shorten command by selecting the paragraph or sentence and pressing “CTRL”+”[” on your computer.

4. /Expand Command

The Expand command is used to enlarge a word or phrase. If you are having difficulty explaining a topic, select the sentence you have already written and press “CTRL” + “[” to explain it.

Expand Command appears as follows: /elaborate [sentence or paragraph here]

Things Shortly AI can Write For You

  • Article Writing
  • Copywriting Frameworks
  • Emails Writing
  • YouTube Video Script Writing
  • Social Media Posts Writing
  • Book Writing
  • Anything You Want through the “instruct’ command

Pricing Plan of ShortlyAI

ShortlyAI Pricing

The monthly package costs $79 per month for unlimited word credit, while the yearly plan costs $65 per month for unlimited word credit (which is equivalent to two months of free access to ShortlyAI).

1. Monthly Plan

Short AI’s monthly package is $79 per month and includes limitless word credit. The infinite generation capability of ShortlyAI means that you do not have to worry about the number of words generated.

This method of unrestricted credits makes ShortlyAI ideal for all content writers.

2. Yearly Plan

If you want to save money, I strongly suggest selecting the yearly ShortlyAI plan.

Why? Because if you pay annually, it will only cost you $65 per month, which is equivalent to two months of free access to ShortlyAI.

ShortlyAI Free Trial

If you are still uncertain about whether or not to use ShortlyAI, I would recommend giving it a try.

With our exclusive ShortlyAI free trial link, you can try ShortlyAI without providing credit card information.

Therefore, I strongly advise you to activate the free trial and try ShortlyAI for yourself. I am confident that you will enjoy this product as much as I and over 500 other satisfied clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShortlyAI?

Shortly AI is an AI content writing tool capable of producing whatever text you desire. It may generate blog posts, email, advertising material, video scripts, and other forms of content. It utilises artificial intelligence to generate content.

What’s the Pricing of Shortly AI?

The monthly plan costs $79 per month, but the annual plan costs $65 per month. Both options have limitless word counts.

Can we write Articles using ShortlyAI?

Yes, it is created specifically for bloggers to write blog entries (i.e. long-form content). It prevents writer’s block and allows you to produce content twice as fast.

What is the word limit of ShortlyAI?

The greatest feature of ShortlyAI is that there is no word limit. It comes with an unlimited word allowance.

Is it better than other AI content writing tools?

Yes, it is way better than other AI Content writing tools because ShortlyAI is easier to use, gives better output, and comes with unlimited word credit.

Is it true that ShortlyAI was acquired by Jasper AI?

Yes, Jasper AI has recently purchased ShortlyAI. However, they will preserve its distinctiveness. They will not combine Jasper AI with ShortlyAI.

Is there any ShortlyAI discount or Coupon Code?

ShortlyAI does not give a discount code, but annual subscribers receive two months of free access. Check out more details on ShortlyAI lifetime deal.

How good is shortlyAI?

Shortly AI is the most well-known AI content writer, and deservedly so! It is extremely user-friendly and produces excellent results. It is one of the best software programs for writing stories or books.

Is ShortlyAI plagiarized?

There is a danger of plagiarism when employing an AI Copywriter like ShortlyAI. However, you can protect yourself by using software such as Turnitin, Grammarly, Plagiarism Checker X, and others to check for duplicate content prior to posting. In my experience, though, the possibility of copying is small when using GPT-3.

Is ShortlyAI Free?

No, ShortlyAI is NOT free, as it is a professional AI writing assistance with monthly fees starting at $65 per month.

What is ShortlyAI used for?

Let me begin by stating that ShortlyAI is an AI writing assistant with boundless text production capabilities. This means you can use it for virtually all of your writing needs. You get what you ask for, and you can ask as frequently as you like (no credit limits like other tools).

How much does ShortlyAI cost?

A monthly subscription to ShortlyAI costs $79 per month, while an annual plan costs $65 per month. When you subscribe to ShortlyAI, you gain access to powerful commands that can help you write faster, as well as upgrades and new features as they become available.

Can I use ShortlyAI for free?

ShortlyAI is a premium artificial intelligence writing helper, and its pricing plans start at $65 per month. As such, it is NOT free to use the service.

Who owns ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI’s Original Founder (acquired by Undergraduate student in the School of Medicine at King’s College London.

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