Review 2022: Create Your Own Powerful LMS APP

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Are you looking for an objective Review? Then you are on the correct blog page. is a trendy solution that claims to provide significant value to mobile app developers and online teachers. But before giving this instrument a try, you must determine if it is a good fit for you.

In this review, I will examine the advantages, disadvantages, reviews from actual customers, and case studies to help you make an informed conclusion.

What is review is a sophisticated App building platform that enables anyone to build a standard app without coding knowledge. With its simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can have your application up and operate within minutes.

Any application developed using is compatible with all devices, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, etc.

The platform provides numerous mind-blowing capabilities that mobile app developers and online tutors would find useful.

For instance, the drip content function allows you to gradually provide content to your users. This is a useful option if you sell online courses to your subscribers and do not wish for them to have access to the entire course at once.

This means that is also a membership platform that enables authors to quickly offer online courses.

Additionally, it is possible to create an interactive community within your app. This helps you to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with app users.

The push notification tool is also useful for providing real-time messages to your subscribers and engaging them in group-based competitions.

The in-app payment option of is another valuable tool. It enables you to accept and manage payments without relying on third-party systems. This review will provide you with all the information you need regarding the site.

Using to build your app is stress-free; launching an app requires only a few steps:

Step 1: Sign up for a free trial account in
Step 2: Construct your app
Step 3: Design your app with the drag-and-drop editor or start from scratch if you want a bespoke design.
Step 4: Upload your application to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Why Opt for (All the Benefits)

Building an app from start is time-consuming and requires years of app development knowledge to produce a standard product. With, however, you can launch and publish an app in mere minutes. Not to mention all of the wonderful features this platform offers.

Here are the perks of the app, if you’re seeking them:

1. No Coding Experience Is Required

If you have experience with traditional app development, you know that writing the code is a tremendous amount of labor. It is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. And a single error will prevent your application from launching. provides a contemporary method for creating apps without coding knowledge. The nicest aspect is that you don’t have to spend days or weeks assembling something. Your app can be launched within 5 minutes.

Additionally, neither an app development background nor coding skills are required. You must use the drag-and-drop app builder to construct your application. Simply stated!

2. No Design Skill Needed

Interface design is a fundamental aspect of app development that is difficult and time-consuming to master. You cannot construct an appealing and user-friendly application without years of web design experience.

But with, you don’t have to worry about design, as there are a plethora of pre-designed templates you can use to create your app. Using the drag-and-drop editor, you can modify the templates according to your preferences.

Essentially, you can develop an app that can compete with the best apps even if you lack design abilities.

3. Drag and Drop Editor

I’ve already discussed the drag-and-drop editor several times. It is one of the most helpful tools since it allows even novices to create, design, and structure their projects.

The drag-and-drop tool is useful for a variety of tasks, including app creation and course creation.

4. Suitable for all Devices

The traditional method of app development involves optimizing your app’s code for various devices. This requires considerable effort and experience to do.

However, apps developed with are compatible with mobile devices, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. There is no need to manually optimize your app for different devices. The application will take care of that.

5. Uncomplicated Integrated Payment Gateway

If you wish to take payments from app users, simplifies the procedure. It is simple to configure both one-time charge and subscription-based payment schemes on the platform.

Additionally, price and other payment parameters can be easily configured from the App dashboard. You may also control and monitor your app’s revenue.

You can accept payments without an external payment gateway or third-party service provider. It is possible to collect payments straight through the app. supports your preferred payment option. There is nothing to worry about in terms of obtaining payment.

6. Order and Subscriptions Management

If you wish to take payments from app users, simplifies the procedure. It is simple to configure both one-time charge and subscription-based payment schemes on the platform.

Additionally, price and other payment parameters can be easily configured from the App dashboard. You may also control and monitor your app’s revenue.

You can accept payments without an external payment gateway or third-party service provider. It is possible to collect payments straight through the app. supports your preferred payment option. There is nothing to worry about in terms of obtaining payment.

7. Diverse Templates

Another advantage of is the selection of available templates. You can utilize these templates to construct your app without difficulty.

Without coding or design experience, you can create great apps in a matter of minutes with these templates.

You have the option of tweaking the templates with the drag-and-drop builder or creating your app from scratch, without the need to employ a designer or developer.

8. Live and On-Demand Streaming

Live Streaming

The on-demand and streaming capabilities of are also astounding.

This allows you to efficiently distribute live material to your subscribers, hence facilitating their acquisition of new knowledge. This is an amazing feature for course membership platform users of

The software also provides the possibility to record live events and lessons.

9. Create a Vibrant Community


With, you can establish an engaging community within your app. It is a unique feature that enables you to engage with your subscribers and establish a strong rapport with them.

Creating quizzes, polls, freebies, surveys, etc. can stimulate community participation.

10. Unique Community Challenges

Automated Challenges

You may design a tonne of challenges and urge your app users to join your community to further connect with them.

Create a 30-day yoga challenge, for example, and urge your subscribers to participate and record their daily progress.

It’s easy to make these challenges on You have the option of making it a paid or free challenge.

11. Send Push Notifications

 Push Notification

Push notifications are another feature that allows you to immediately communicate with your users and keep your app active.

This capability is used to send real-time communications to users so that they can get the information you’re sending them as soon as feasible.

You can send messages to your users to keep them up to date on important news and developments that you think they should be aware of.

For example, if you’re launching a limited-time training deal, you may alert them in real time so they can take advantage of it before it expires.

Push notifications can also be used to remind users to finish an activity they started but didn’t finish.

It’s a straightforward feature with no steep learning curve. All you have to do now is locate the tool that will help you pursue your interest. Write your message on the io dashboard, then hit the send button.

Who is a good fit for?

In general, is an excellent solution for anyone seeking to create an app without coding or an online course without paying high developer expenses.

However, is acceptable for the following kinds of users:

  • Business Owner
  • Instructors, Coaches, and Trainers
  • Agency Owners
  • Online Store Owners Customer Support is a user-friendly platform for app development, and its customer service is also excellent. You can always reach out to them if you have queries or need assistance using the site.

They may be reached via email, Facebook, and real-time chat, and their response time is quick.

There is also a FAQ page where visitors can find answers to their most frequent questions. You can check that website before calling their assistance to see if you can discover answers to your questions. Review: Pricing Plans Pricing

There are currently only two plans available on You may create a standard app and gain access to’s tools and services for as low as $97 per month.

To work swiftly and unlock extra capabilities, however, you must be willing to pay $297 every month.

These are the two plans:

  • Pro Plan — $97 monthly
  • Ultimate Plan – $297 monthly

1. Pro Plan

The Pro plan enables you to create apps for several operating systems, including iOS, Android, web, desktop, etc. It also allows in-app purchases, including subscription-based and one-time payment alternatives. You may also create a freemium plan, a free trial, and invoices easily.

With this plan, you can use your apps in offline mode. There are other options for tracking progress and receiving push notifications. Lastly, the application supports live streaming sessions.’s Pro plan costs $97 monthly.

Each month, you have access to 100 subscribers, 100 videos, and 1,000 push notifications. Additionally, a platform fee of 3.9% will be assessed.

2. Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate plan expands upon the Pro plan. You get unlimited access to more tools and features.

This package grants you access to all Pro plan features, including external checkouts and passion payments, which enable you to use third-party payment checkouts in lieu of the in-app payment option.

There is no usage capacity limitation. Per month, you have access to an infinite number of movies, subscribers, and push notifications.

In addition, the platform charge is set to 0% for external payments and 3.9% for Passion payments. This package also gives you access to the drip content feature, which enables you to offer courses to your students gradually. This functionality is essential if you intend to sell an online course.

In addition to the strong support system that comes with all levels, it is also worth noting that users on the Ultimate plan receive three onboarding calls per month.

The Ultimate plan is ideal for those who wish to access all of the app’s features. The monthly price is $297. Review: Pros and Cons

Pros of

  • Create online classes with no coding required.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Optional Availability of Upsells
  • All devices are compatible with applications.
  • Utilize a pre-made template to construct your applications or start from scratch
  • Live streaming availability
  • Create courses using a simple drag-and-drop editor
  • Allows for Push notification
  • No coding or technical knowledge is required
  • Content drip delivery is an option for course developers.
  • Manage payments within the application (in-app purchase)
  • 30-day refund guarantee
  • 24/7 customer assistance

Cons of

  • Plans are expensive
  • The drip content setting is exclusive to those on the Ultimate plan.
  • 3.9% platform fee sounds excessive
  • There are learning curves because there are too many features. Alternatives: Top 3 Competitors of Passion IO App is one of the best platforms for making apps on the market, and it has helped people make great apps. You can make an app with just a few clicks, and then it’s easy to make money off of it. is the only platform that has features, is easy to use, and looks as good as it does.

But if you still want an alternative to the Passion IO app, I suggest you try one of these four:

  • Appily
  • Fliplet
  • AppGeyser
  • Flutter

1. Appily

Appily is a nice alternative to Passion IO that allows you to create Android and iOS apps. Although it does not have Passion IO’s user interface’s smoothness, it is still a suitable substitute. With Appily, you can make simple apps but not ones with extensive features like drip content, built-in communities, upsells, etc.

2. Fliplet

Fliplet is an app builder platform that can create apps Without knowing any code and organizations. For individuals who wish to develop a standard app for their company, it’s a good and more affordable solution. Fliplet is not the perfect platform for you, but, if you are a coach or trainer who wants to create a professional app with upselling, community, interactive community, etc.

3. AppGeyser

AppGeyser is a nice substitute for the software that enables you to create an app without knowing how to code. Similar to Appily and Fliplet, this is not a good option for coaches and course developers because it lacks the majority of’s functionality. The fact that AppGeyser can only produce Android apps is the only aspect of it that I dislike. Therefore, it is preferable to use if you want to create an iOS app.

4. Flutter

Flutter is an app builder that can be used if you are a coder. The finest platform for creating apps for iOS, Android, and PC is this one. But I won’t advise using Flutter if you don’t know anything about coding.

Final Thoughts on Review

At the conclusion of our review, it is evident why this app creation platform will endure. bridges the gap between mobile applications and the typical user. Until recently, only professional app developers could create and publish standard apps on the Google play store and Apple store.

With, anyone can now create a high-quality mobile app in a matter of minutes, even without coding or web design knowledge.

The platform allows business owners to create apps for their businesses. In addition, course developers and personal trainers can create applications to engage with their students and potentially generate revenue from them.

There are numerous pre-designed templates from which to choose. The UI is intuitive and easy for beginners to navigate. Follow this link to begin your free 14-day trial. You can also checkout a detail review on Free Trial.

What do you think of this Review? Are you thinking about testing it out? Do you know a superior substitute?

Tell me below in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a robust framework for rapidly developing high-quality mobile applications without coding or design expertise. It enables anyone to create an app for their business using its tools, templates, and other components.

How much is

The Pro package costs $97 per month, while the Ultimate plan costs $297 per month. The latter is useful for people who wish to explore all of’s capabilities. Key features such as drip content and unlimited accessibility, for instance, are exclusive to the Ultimate package.

Is legit? is a legitimate app development platform with excellent features. You only begin paying once your free trial has expired. It is also important to note that this is not a quick-money program.

Is worth it?

Absolutely worthwhile! Instead of writing several lines of code to create an app, allows you to do so in only minutes.
And if you are a coach or trainer, you can utilize your app as a platform for virtual training and earn money from your pupils. Not forgetting that the app can also be used to receive money.

Is there a free trial plan?

Yes, there is a 14-day free trial plan that allows you to use the site without cost. And if you do not find the tool useful, you can delete your account for free.

Does offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee for security. Within thirty days, if you change your mind about the platform, you can seek a refund without difficulty.

Is there a black Friday deal for

There indeed is. An irresistible 90 percent discount is available on the ultimate package. You should close the agreement immediately.

Does offer a Lifetime Deal?

No, unfortunately! Presently, does not provide lifetime membership, and I doubt that this will change in the future.

Is there an affiliate program for

Yes, there is an affiliate network that offers a 30% recurring commission on all lifetime plans. You will continue to receive monthly compensation for as long as the people you invited stay active on

Where is passion IO located?

Berlin, Berlin, Germany. The headquarters of may be found in Berlin, which is located in Germany.

How do I cancel my passion membership?

If at any time you decide that you no longer want your subscription, all you need to do is send an email to [email protected], and we will handle the cancellation for you. We hate to see individuals leave, but if you believe it to be necessary, please know that we are always grateful for any feedback you can provide.

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