Jasper AI vs Copy AI 2020: Side By Side In-Depth Comparison

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In the past few years, AI marketing tools have come a long way, and people can now find a lot of software to help them get past that pesky writer’s block.

Copywriters, bloggers, content teams, and marketers can all use these new tools to their advantage.

This article will go into detail about two of the best tools on the market, Copy AI and Jasper (formerly Jarvis and Conversion AI), and why they are becoming so important.

What Are AI Copywriting Tools?

AI copywriting tools, also called content generation tools, use artificial intelligence to write content for a given topic and tone.

Some uses of copywriting are:

  • Blogging
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Sales emails
  • Web site text
  • Product descriptions
  • And a lot more

Both Jasper and Copy AI try to get rid of the manual work that goes along with these major types of copywriting.

In both cases, the user gives the AI some “seed text” that it uses to find and make its own content.

The seed text usually has a title, a description, and a field for the user to enter as many relevant keywords as they can fit in the character limit. Once you tell the AI what to do, you can even ask it to give you a few different ways to do the same thing.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI Website

Jasper, which used to be called Jarvis and then Conversion AI, has a lot of tools and features that make it a good long-form AI content generator.

Usability: Like Copy AI, Jasper has a simple, easy-to-use interface (UI) that doesn’t require you to know how to code to use.

Content Templates: Jasper has more than 50 templates to choose from, so it’s easy to get ideas for long-form content.

Price: Jasper’s tools for short-form content start at $29 per month for low word counts. The tools for making long-form content start at $59 per month.

Languages: Jasper can translate content into up to 25 different languages.

Quality of Support: Like Copy AI, Jasper offers customer support through a Help Center and a direct email message line. Customers who buy the more expensive package get their questions answered first.

Other Features: There are many ways to learn about Jasper, such as through live training, webinars, and online blogs and courses. There is also a check for plagiarism in the more expensive package.

Some of the things that Copy AI does are also in Jasper. But it doesn’t do as well with short-form content as Copy AI does. Instead, Jasper works best for long-form content like a blog post or landing page, but even then, sometimes I’m not sure I trust the results.

As a tool for writing, Jasper doesn’t do a great job. The app says that it will save you time, especially for long-form content, but this is where it really fails. It is true that it can speed up the process of writing.

But the more technical the content is or the more the user relies on the AI’s ability to write from scratch, the more likely it is that the text the AI makes will have statements that are just wrong.


  1. Starter: $29 per month, 20k words per month, and access to all 50 templates.
  2. Boss Mode costs $59 per month and gives you access to all 50 templates and 50k words per month (the long-form editor)

Copy AI

Copy AI Website

Copy AI is an online tool that makes a short-form copy.

It is great for short-form content like email subject lines, blog title ideas, headlines, social media captions, product descriptions, brainstorming, bullet points, and almost anything else you can think of.

It’s a great tool for short-form content, in my opinion. Copy AI has a number of features and benefits that set it apart from other software in this field.

Usability: Copy AI’s design and user interface (UI) to make it easy to use. You don’t need to know how the code works to get the most out of Copy AI.

Content Templates: Copy AI comes with more than 90 templates and tones for emails, social media posts, product descriptions, and other short-form content.

Price: Copy AI has a very limited free plan that only lets you make 10 copies. From there, it offers a Solo plan that starts at $35/month if paid annually and a Custom plan that costs more depending on the size of a team.

Languages: No matter which plans you choose, Copy AI can translate into 25 languages.

Quality of Support: Copy AI’s website has a Help Center page, and its customer support team can be reached through an easy-to-use messaging system.

Other Features: Copy AI also has a training portal on its website that shows you how to use all of the software’s tools and features.


  • Copy is free: AI offers a free plan with 10 pieces of copy, but that won’t get you very far.
  • For $35 a month, you can make as many copies as you want.
  • No price information is given for Enterprise.

How Do These Tools Work?

Even though Jasper and Copy AI are good at different things, they both use AI and machine learning to make content based on what users want.

In terms of how they work, they both pull information from all over the web and use algorithms to organize it and show the best results for each user’s search.

They’re pretty much the same:

  • Both of them base a lot of the content they make on GPT-3, which is the largest language model ever made.
  • Users can choose from templates in both tools to help them come up with content for their digital marketing plan.
  • Both offer plans that start for less than $100.

AI content is used as a starting point for making digital content or as bulk content for a business. Though in both cases, I don’t think the AI content is as good as most marketers would like.

This means that a human will have to review your blog, email, or social media posts before you press “publish.” Both are great writing tools that can help you get past writer’s block or find new ideas.

How to Choose the Right Tool

What’s the best one? The answer to that question depended on what you liked and what you needed. Before choosing a content tool that uses AI, think about the following:

  • What teams are going to use it?
  • What social media sites do you use the most for your business?
  • What kind of content does the team make the most?
  • What kind of content problems do you see on your teams right now?

I don’t have too much trouble writing short pieces. I think it’s pretty fun and not all that hard. So, I don’t think Copy AI is very helpful.

I could see how it would be helpful for people who are always coming up with subject lines and ad copy, like email marketers and Facebook advertisers.

Long-form blog posts are hard to write, but Jasper doesn’t quite cut it for me. If you want to write SEO content that is better for AI, I think GrowthBar is a much better choice.

Jasper AI vs Copy AI: Frequently Asked Questions

How good is Jasper AI?

Jasper. AI is great, and every blogger needs to have it. Jasper is one of the best tools I’ve ever used for blogging. It has saved me a lot of time and is very simple to use. The way Jasper is set up makes it easy for me to find and use the features I need. The support team for Jasper is also great.

How much does Jasper AI cost?

If you’re wondering if Jasper is worth what you pay for him, the answer is yes. The Starter plan is only $24/mo instead of $29/mo (billed annually), and the Boss Mode plan is only $49/mo instead of $59/mo (billed yearly).

Does Jasper use gpt3?

Jasper AI is a powerful and innovative GPT-3 software that can be used to make content that can be used in many different ways and on a large scale. It is a powerful, new, and innovative GPT-3 software that you can use to write SEO-focused blog posts, listicles, school papers, scripts for YouTube videos, and books.

Which is better Jarvis or copy AI?

The main difference between Copy AI and Jarvis is that Copy AI is good at making short-form content for social media and other places, while Jarvis is good at making long-form content.

Are Jasper Transmissions any good?

We’ve been using JASPER engines and transmissions for about 8 years and have found them to be the most reliable and best quality products on the market.

Why did Jarvis rename Jasper?

Dave Rogenmoser, the company’s CEO and co-founder, said in a YouTube video that the decision to change the company name was prompted by a “strongly worded” email from Marvel (also known as Disney) saying that they might take legal action against the company.

Does Jarvis AI plagiarize?

Jarvis.ai + Copyscape = Content Written by AI That Doesn’t Have Any Plagiarism at All. Jarvis.ai is one of the best AI copywriting tools. It uses artificial intelligence to automatically create content that doesn’t have any plagiarised parts.

Which is better copy AI or Jasper AI?

Some of the things that Copy AI does are also in Jasper. But it doesn’t do as well with short-form content as Copy AI does. Instead, Jasper works best for long-form content like a blog post or landing page, but even then, sometimes I’m not sure I trust the results.

What is Jarvis AI copywriting?

Jarvis is an artificial intelligence copywriting tool that was formerly known as Conversion AI. It is capable of writing long-form blog posts, social media posts, conversion-driven content, and a wide variety of other types of marketing-related copies. It includes approximately 90 different templates that can be used for writing books, blog posts, marketing campaigns, and other types of writing.

What AI does Jarvis use?

Jarvis Uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI Model
Jarvis makes use of OpenAI’s GPT-3 artificial intelligence model in order to magically produce a copy that is surprisingly effective. The idea is straightforward. Content creators like you use Jarvis’s plethora of content templates to jumpstart your copy.

Is Jarvis good for copywriting?

After putting it to use for email subject lines, product descriptions, and blog introductions, I am confident in claiming that it is the most accurate AI copywriting tool that I have evaluated. This innovative piece of software does an outstanding job of generating short-form content such as introductions to blog posts, social media posts, and video titles.

Is AI copywriting worth it?

Artificial intelligence is a fantastic tool for rapidly producing content, but it is not the best place to look for all of your content writing needs. It is not the answer to the problem of producing high-quality content for the internet, but it can be a useful platform for getting past writer’s block or assisting in the development of some ideas.

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