Grammarly vs ProWritingAid Review: Which One Is The Best?

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In this comparison, I match ProWritingAid vs Grammarly to see which is the better option for enhancing writing.

For several years, I’ve used and evaluated both the free and paid versions of Grammarly and ProWritingAid. As part of my workflow, I use both writing tools on a daily basis.

Almost every day, I use the Grammarly desktop software for Mac and the Chrome plugin. When revising long-form articles and book chapters, I use the ProWritingAid program for Mac multiple times a week.

Many writers and creatives, on the other hand, cannot afford to use two grammatical checks. Plus, do you really need these tools if you only want to improve your English?

Let’s have a look.

How To Use Grammarly?

I deal with freelance writers on a regular basis on my and other websites.

When they send me an article, I paste it into Grammarly to double-check for errors. I also use it to check for frequent spelling errors, passive voice, and other flaws in my work.

When I’m evaluating a new writer, I use a plagiarism checker to see if the work is original or a rehash of the previously published content.

Although ProWritingAid includes similar reports as well, I chose Grammarly’s because they’re included in the Premium version, whereas ProWritingAid requires a separate purchase.

Grammarly is also a Grammarly business customer of mine. I’ve given another editor and a virtual assistant access to my account, and I’ve added personal phrases and terminology to my style guide. This style guide is available to my editor and writer, who can use it to alter articles.

Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly offers a free version that can be downloaded as a plugin, a web page, or a desktop application. The Premium version is more expensive than ProWritingAid, starting at $29.99 per month. Grammarly Business has a monthly fee of $29.99 per user.

Grammarly Business pricing is determined by the size of your team.

If you pay for the entire year, it costs $25 per team member per month or $12.50 per month with three team members. For groups of more than ten people, the company offers a sliding scale of discounts.

How Fast Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is useful in all situations. It offers dedicated Windows and Mac programmes. It also has Chrome, Safari, and other browser extensions. It also has Microsoft Office web extensions.

Grammarly is another Chrome addon I use to double-check emails before sending them via Gmail. I also use WordPress to edit blog entries and articles on the fly. If I’m writing on an iPad, I’ll also utilise the iOS app. It’s a time-saving device.

Scanning a piece of text and reviewing the ideas with the add-on takes only a few seconds. I can correct them by selecting the recommendation.

How Grammarly’s AI Tool Improves Your Writing?

The AI-powered writing assistant is my current favorite Grammarly function.

Simply said, Grammarly examines a piece of writing and reorders the sentence structure to make it more readable for the reader. Over time, this tool has improved in accuracy.

Grammarly Pros and Cons

Powerful AI-writing assistantLess useful for long-form writing and fiction
Accurate and fastMore expensive than ProWritingAid
Works everywhere

Why You Should Use Grammarly?

If you want to quickly and easily check an email, document, or short article, Grammarly is a wonderful solution.

The premium edition is particularly beneficial if you wish to increase your English grammatical understanding because it contextualizes each recommendation.

It’s also an excellent option if you wish to work on a document with another editor or a team member.

So, why do I use both Grammarly and ProWritingAid if Grammarly is so useful and accurate?

How To Use ProWritingAid?

Grammarly is best used for content that is short to medium in length. In Scrivener, though, I frequently create larger pieces (around a thousand words).

To use Grammarly to check these, I have to manually copy and paste each chapter or part into the desktop program, which takes time.

I can open Scrivener project files directly in ProWritingAid, examine them for problems, then save the modifications back to Scrivener. To avoid inadvertent plagiarism, I also employed the plagiarism checker report.

Although ProWritingAid is a fantastic tool, it is a little slower than Grammarly. Scanning, documenting, and preparing a report takes a few seconds, whereas Grammarly does so instantly.

ProWritingAid Premium comes with Chrome and Safari add-ons, as well as Mac and Windows desktop software. It also comes with a Microsoft Word add-in. Unfortunately, there isn’t a mobile app for iOS or Android.

I occasionally use the plugin and web editor.

ProWritingAid Pricing

The premium ProWritingAid subscription costs $70 per year.

Students can get a discount on their tickets. The plagiarism reports in ProWritingAid are also an added expense. The company provides a free trial, albeit it is somewhat limited. At a time, you may only check 500 words.

Who Can Use ProWritingAid?

Longer droughts, such as a book, are where ProWritingAid shines. It has a word-scanning capacity of 100,000 words.

I tried pasting larger papers into Grammarly, but it didn’t work. Unfortunately, after about 20,000 words, it reaches its limit. When the word count reaches 10,000 words, the desktop software slows down as well.

To be fair, scanning lengthy papers takes some time with ProWritingAid.

How I use ProWritingAid:

  • In Scrivener, write a two-thousand-word chapter for a novel.
  • ProWritingAid will open the Scrivener project directly.
  • Add custom words and names to my personal dictionary as I work through the grammar suggestions one by one.
  • Use the built-in thesaurus to replace overused words.
  • Return to Scrivener and save your changes.

You may use the desktop version of ProWritingAid to follow a similar methodology whether you’re writing a book in Microsoft Word or Open Office.

If you write long-form fiction or are working on a book, this tool is a good fit. Anyone who utilizes writing apps like Scrivener will find it beneficial.

It’s also a good alternative if you’re an editor who needs more writing reports than Grammarly provides.

ProWritingAid Pros and Cons

Appropriate for fiction editing.Kittle slow than Grammarly
It’s perfect for long-form writing.No mobile app
Reports are really effectivePlagiarism reports available only as an add-on

Grammarly vs ProWritingAid: Features Compared

Interface & Design

If the tool’s UI isn’t user-friendly, you won’t be able to get the most out of it. So, before you invest in any proofreading program, make sure to verify the design and interface.

Let’s take a look at how easy Grammarly and ProWritingAid are to use.

Grammarly Web Editor

Grammarly has a simple web editor. You can either upload your document or copy and paste your text into the editor by clicking the “upload” option. The good news is that you can install this application as a Chrome extension, making it extremely simple to use.

Apart from that, detecting errors with Grammarly is not difficult. Your errors will be organized into categories. To see the suggestion, simply click on your mistakes.

Google Chrome Extension

Grammarly provides a Google Chrome plugin that automatically inserts itself into most online forms, allowing you to check your grammar as you type. The Chrome extension also auto-corrects your writing as you type, reducing the amount of time you spend editing later.

Microsoft Word Editor

The Word editor works similarly to Grammarly’s web editor, with the exception that the suggestions are incorporated right in Word, so you don’t have to leave your preferred writing program.

ProWritingAid Web Editor

ProWritingAid’s editor isn’t as polished as Grammarly’s. On the left side of the app, it displays your errors. To see the suggestions, click on a little arrow and then hover over the text to see the suggestions.

A sidebar in the web editor informs you how to enhance your writing based on numerous factors such as grammar/spelling, sentence length, and so on. Because determining what qualifies as green/good is not always straightforward, the interface may take some getting used to.

The green dots that indicate if your writing matches that attribute, for example, do not line up in the center of the sidebar, making it visually difficult to tell when your work meets the threshold for that attribute.

Google Chrome Extension

ProWritingAid, like Grammarly, offers a Chrome plugin that will appear in almost any text form on the internet, including as we were updating this article.

The lack of auto-correction as you type was the major drawback we discovered with ProWritingAid’s Google Chrome plugin. This is one area where Grammarly excels. While it may appear little, Grammarly’s AI is so strong that its auto-correction is almost always perfect.

Grammarly vs ProWritingAid: Which One Is Best For You?

Use Grammarly’s free edition if you don’t have any money or are on a tight budget.

It’s more precise than Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Use Grammarly Premium if you write a lot of nonfiction articles, emails, and so on. Other faults will be discovered more quickly.

Use Grammarly Business if you cooperate with other authors or a team. It’s safe and designed with companies in mind. Use ProWritingAid if you write a lot of fiction or long-form content. If you use Scrivener, I also recommend utilizing this grammar checker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do professional writers use Grammarly?

The publishing sector has made Grammarly the most well-known and widely used automated proofreading application in the world. Authors, businesspeople, and anybody else who relies on the accuracy of their communication to achieve their goals use it.

Is there anything better than Grammarly?

ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke, and Ginger are three excellent options to consider as an alternative to Grammarly for those who have extensive editing needs. LanguageTool and Reverso are the greatest solutions for anyone who want to perform translations and error checks in many languages.

Is ProWritingAid better than Grammarly?

The greatest alternatives to Grammarly for customers who need sophisticated capabilities are ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke, and Ginger. All three of these programmes are free. The finest choices are LanguageTool and Reverso for individuals who wish to carry out translations and check for errors in a number of different languages.

Is ProWritingAid better than Grammarly?

Although an excellent tool, ProWritingAid is noticeably more time-consuming than Grammarly. The process of scanning and documenting as well as preparing a report can be finished in a matter of seconds, whereas Grammarly can finish this task instantly. The premium version of ProWritingAid is available as an add-on for Chrome and Safari, in addition to desktop applications for both Mac and Windows.

What is better than ProWritingAid?

When it comes to handling accuracy, Grammarly is the superior option. The most effective tool for handling broken sentences and dialogue is Pro-Writing-Aid. Fiction authors may find it to be an extremely helpful tool.

How accurate is ProWritingAid?

The grammar and spelling checker in ProWritingAid can be relied on to produce accurate results. Anyone may use it to enhance their writing, detect and correct errors and typos, and locate better words to employ. In addition to that, it carries a helpful plagiarism checker.

Does ProWritingAid check punctuation?

Craiker. The Grammar Check feature of ProWritingAid is comparable to the spelling and grammar checkers found in word processors, but it has additional capabilities. In addition to pointing out misspelt words and omissions of punctuation, it analyses the construction of the phrase to verify that its organisation, style, and tenses are appropriate.

Who owns ProWritingAid?

Chris Banks
Chris Banks is the creator of ProWritingAid, an online personal writing coach that functions as a grammar expert, style editor, and writing mentor all rolled into one convenient package. He is a writer as well as an avid reader, and he hopes to contribute to the publication of more excellent novels. Chris developed ProWritingAid so that he could enhance his own writing skills.

Is premium Grammarly worth?

Our Verdict
Absolutely, paying for Grammarly Premium is money well spent. To this day, we’ve evaluated over two dozen different grammar and plagiarism checkers, and Grammarly has emerged as the clear winner in every category. Using the link that we provide also allows you to save 20%.

Does Grammarly steal your work?

In a nutshell, Grammarly will not steal your work, information, or passwords, nor will it access any other sensitive data.

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