How to Do a Competitor Analysis with Semrush in 2022?

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SEMrush Competitor Analysis

The process of determining the strengths and shortcomings of both your own SEO and that of your rivals is referred to as SEO competitive analysis.

You are doing an investigation into the areas in which you and your rival differ, just like you would for a standard competitive study. But rather than concentrating on marketing strategy, you will be concentrating on search engine optimization strategy.

An examination of your competitors can be of use to you in the following ways:

  • Perform an SEO performance evaluation on your current website.
  • Locate weak spots in your SEO strategy and work to strengthen them.
  • Expose any vulnerabilities or holes that your competitors have.
  • Find out the winning techniques used by your competition.

How to do a competitive analysis for SEO?

When conducting an SEO competitor study, there are no set guidelines or regulations to follow; nonetheless, you may improve your approach by including the following steps:

Identify Your Competitors

To begin, compile a list of the people you regard to be your primary rivals. (If you are working with a client, you should request contributions from their marketing team or stakeholders.)

Make it a priority to concentrate on websites that rank well or often for both the primary keywords that you want to rank for and any major supplemental keywords.

If you are in the process of developing a new website, it is possible that you are not yet aware of who your rivals are. Utilizing the Market Explorer tool to compile your list is an option for you to consider.

On the homepage page for this tool by Semrush, locate the option labeled “Find Competitors,” then input your domain.

The chart known as the Growth Quadrant places both you and your rivals into one of these four primary categories:

  • Companies that are new or relatively small and have a smaller audience size and a slower growth pace are known as niche players.
  • Emerging businesses that serve a relatively limited customer base yet are experiencing rapid expansion are referred to be game-changing firms.
  • Companies that have both a broad audience and a quick growth rate are considered to be leaders.
  • Companies that already have a significant following are considered established players.

When doing a competitive study using SEO, it is essential to keep in mind that the company that is now holding all of the top ranks may not always be your largest competition.

You’re competing with other websites for long-tail and branded keywords; thus, you shouldn’t be scared to include those terms in your review. If you only concentrate on broad terms, the results of your keyword research can be misleading or, worse, completely useless.

Avoiding Non Competing Domains

Every rival that appears above you in the search engine results pages (SERPs) will not be a legitimate competition. In a similar line, it is possible that trying to outrank some websites is neither as vital nor even feasible.

Consider your present rating, the resources you have available, and the amount of work you have invested in order to determine which websites are not your competitors.

It is possible that it is not always worthwhile to attempt to outrank websites such as Wikipedia or Pinterest for particular keywords.

It’s also possible that you’ll need to put in significantly more work to outrank websites that are much larger or much more well-known, which will have an effect on the overall technique you employ.

Instead, put your attention on the rivals that have the most potential to affect your traffic. These are most likely the websites that are responsible for the majority of the traffic you have lost.

Analyze You Top Competitors

There are occasions when rivals can generate a significant amount of traffic to a certain website or collection of sites.

For instance, the third most popular page on Home Depot’s website is not about construction or building materials, but rather it is about wallpaper and other types of wall coverings.

Never make the assumption that you are familiar with the most visited pages on any competition site. Conduct research on it as part of the process of analyzing the competition, and be prepared for some unexpected findings.

You can check out the Semrush pricing plan to get started on your competitive analysis journey.

Finding Keyword Gaps

Pay extra attention to the keywords for which you currently rank, although not as well as some of your rivals, in the search results. Be sure to pay special attention to the keywords for which you are only one or two positions behind your main competition.

Make use of the Keyword Gap tool in order to determine which of your competitor’s keywords you do and do not share. To begin, go to the Overview report and add your site as well as up to four of your competitors’ sites. This will show you the top keyword options available to you.

The Keyword Gap tool offers an in-depth analysis of the search environment for any given search term from the perspective of the competition. If there are any holes in that landscape, you will be able to work on filling them or exploiting the opportunities they present.

Again, you shouldn’t limit your research to only your primary rival. For instance, Home Depot dominates on many of the search phrases that are shared by all of its competitors. However, on occasion, not only Lowe’s but also Walmart and other businesses who offer items that are analogous to Home Depot’s have achieved the number one rankings.

Identify Technical SEO

Is it possible that they have some sort of technical problem on their website that is affecting their search performance?

If you and your competitor are experiencing the same technical SEO challenges, or if you have code flaws that make it more difficult for Google to crawl pages properly, implementing those adjustments to your site might result in increased exposure for your website.

Checking the speed of the page should also be a priority. When websites grow in size, they run the risk of becoming bogged down by huge scripts and old code, both of which can reduce performance.

You probably won’t have access to the technical SEO that your rivals employ, but you can utilize the Site Audit tool to ensure that your own SEO is at the top of its game.

Navigate each of your rival’s websites using your mobile device, paying particular attention to the parts and pages that receive the most traffic.

There will be instances when you find flaws in the mobile site of your competition that you are able to take advantage of thanks to your own robust mobile presence.

If your website is solid from a technical standpoint, it will be much simpler for you to concentrate on other aspects related to ranking gains, such as boosting the content. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to work with one of the top SEO companies in Canada to fix your website’s technical side.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you compare competitors in Semrush?

The Semrush Traffic Analytics Overview reports are where you should look to get this information. In the input areas located at the very top of the report, you can list up to five rivals for the report to analyse. You will obtain a clear and immediate picture of their traffic patterns with the help of this report.

How do you do competitors analysis in Semrush?

To begin, launch the Organic Research tool and log in using your credentials. After that, select the “Competitors” tab from the menu. You will find the Competitive Positioning Map in this section. This map provides an illustration of how powerful each of your competitors is in your sector based on the amount of traffic that each rival receives and the number of keywords that each competitor ranks for.

How do I compare two websites on Semrush?

Navigate to the Domain vs. Domain section of the Tools menu on SEMrush. Our competitor analysis tool will appear in Simple Mode by default. This mode gives you the ability to see the keywords used by up to three of your rivals’ websites, as follows: Enter the URLs of the websites you want to evaluate side by side.

How do I see competitors keywords in Semrush?

If you go to the homepage of Semrush and input the website’s domain name into the proper search area, you will be provided with a list of all of the keywords for which your competitor’s website is ranked within the top 20.

What is SEO competitor analysis?

The process of doing an SEO competition study enables you to obtain all of the information you want regarding your competitors. It can supply you with information on the SEO strategies that are successful for those competitors. Since you operate in the same industry, it’s possible that such strategies might also be successful for you.

Is SWOT a competitive analysis?

The SWOT analysis, which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, is a framework that is utilised to analyse the competitive position of a firm as well as to generate strategic planning. The internal and external elements, as well as the potential for the present and the future, are analysed in a SWOT analysis.

What is included in the competitor analysis?

An examination of your rivals’ features, market share, price, marketing, differentiators, strengths, weaknesses, geographic location, culture, and customer evaluations has to be included in a competitive study. This article is geared for owners of small businesses, both new and established, who wish to evaluate their competitors in order to enhance the quality of their own goods or services.

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