15 Best WooCommerce Plugins For Your Store In 2022

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Are you looking for the best plugins for your WooCommerce store? If so you are at the right place. In this article, we will be showing you the 15 best WooCommerce plugins for upscaling your store.

People prefer WooCommerce over other eCommerce solutions due to its bounteous availability of plugins.

Plugins enhance your store’s functionality and shopping experience. But choosing the right plugins from the WordPress plugin directory can be a tedious task.

At the time of writing this article, there are 59,693 free plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory.

So we are here to help you with finding the right plugins for your store. Having said that, let’s dive in.

1. WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes and Shipping Labels

The plugin carries a long name but tells exactly what it does. It lets you create and customize all delivery and shipping documents for orders in your store. This includes WooCommerce PDF invoices, packing slips, delivery notes, and shipping labels.

With this WooCommerce invoice plugin, you can attach PDF invoices with the order email. It lets you print all the shipping-related documents with the click of a button. The plugin comes with various customization options and templates. You can use any of these pre-built templates for your WooCommerce delivery and shipping documents.

It lets you brand your store logo and add other custom fields like payment information, tax info, and tracking details. The plugin extends its functionality with some freemium addons. You can make use of the mPdf add-on for full compatibility with any RTL or Unicode languages. There is also an add-on that lets you add QR code to WooCommerce invoices.

Key features of the plugin:

  • Create and customize all delivery and shipping documents
  • Email Invoices to customers
  • Pre-built templates
  • Extended functionality with Add-ons
  • RTL and Unicode language support

Download the WooCommerce PDF Invoice plugin for free.

2. MailPoet

If you want to create and customize WooCommerce emails, this is the right plugin for you. This email marketing plugin manages all your WooCommerce store emails flawlessly. It also helps you create and manage newsletter subscriptions for your WooCommerce store. 

The plugin comes with pre-built templates for your WooCommerce emails, to simplify your task of setting up from scratch. It lets you send automated welcome emails to your customers and other WooCommerce emails including abandoned cart, first purchase, specific product, product category, and transactional emails.

You can also use MailPoet sending service to deliver your emails. It has some basic engagement statistics that let you track engagement for your emails. The free version lets you manage about 1000 subscribers, above the limit, you will need to go premium. 

Key features of the plugin: 

  • Create and customize WooCommerce emails
  • Create newsletter forms and manage subscriptions
  • Automated welcome mails
  • Basic engagement statistics

Download the MailPoet plugin for free.

3. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce 

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce is a coupon plugin available in WordPress that lets you create advanced WooCommerce coupons on your store. It is an allrounder coupon plugin tailored to satisfy all your coupon related requirements. 

The plugin lets you create different types of coupons including WooCommerce BOGO coupons, URL coupons, cart abandonment coupons, giveaway products, and more. It offers a beginner friendly UI with the most advanced coupon features. You can easily build a coupon promotion strategy using this plugin.

With this plugin, you can reward your loyal customers with gift cards and store credits. The plugin provides the option to create a FOMO effect in your customers to complete the purchase by adding a countdown timer banner. You can also behaviour based coupons for your customers that will increase the conversion chances.

This coupon plugin has auto apply coupons functionality and allows you to offer shipping or payment based discounts and offers. You can customize coupons as per your liking with different variations and combinations. There are some advanced coupon restrictions also available with the plugin to limit coupon usage.

Key features of the plugin:

  • Auto apply coupons
  • Gift cards and store credits
  • BOGO coupons
  • URL coupons
  • Advanced coupon restrictions

Download Smart Coupons plugin for free.

4. WPForms 

If you are in need of creating forms for your WooCommerce store site, this plugin is the right choice for you. This form builder plugin lets you create any type of form for your WooCommerce store. A few clicks are all it takes to create various forms, such as contact forms and payment forms.

The plugin has different pre-built templates that save your time for building one from scratch. Another major advantage of using this plugin is that it comes with a beginner friendly drag and drop UI that makes the whole process a lot easier. 

This form builder plugin lets you create forms that are highly optimized for web pages and mobile devices resulting in flawless functionality across different devices. Your contact form can be embedded on any page with an optimized title and description. It is easy to integrate your contact forms with an email marketing service or collect payments for orders and bookings.

Key features of the plugin: 

  • Create different types of forms
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Mobile responsive
  • SEO friendly

Download WPForms plugin for free.

5. Stripe Payment Plugin for WooCommerce

Stripe Payment plugin for WooCommerce lets you integrate Stripe payment with WooCommerce. The plugin enhances the payment experience on your store site. It lets you add multiple payment options and enable secure checkout on your WooCommerce store taking your store payment experience to a whole new level.

This stripe payment plugin allows you to accept credit cards and debit cards along with digital payments like Google Pay and Apple Pay. You can also accept payment from Alipay, SEPA, Klarna, Afterpay/Clearpay, Sofort, iDEAL, and WeChat Pay within your website via the Stripe Payment Gateway. It offers a smoother payment experience on your WooCommerce store.

The plugin allows you to easily set up stripe checkout that offers a dedicated stripe payment page which adds a layer of security. Talking about security, the plugin provides Strong Customer Authentication using two-way authentication for your WooCommerce website. The plugin also provides a stripe overview page with a dashboard that lets you review transactions on your store.

Key features of the plugin: 

  • Multiple payment methods
  • 3D secure and SCA ready
  • Stripe checkout
  • Stripe overview page

Download Stripe payment plugin for free.

6. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

Wishlists are a simple thing that makes a big difference in your WooCommerce store. It is a must that every eCommerce store should have a properly organized wishlist. It creates conversions and helps in product promotion. 

This WooCommerce wishlist plugin will help you add the wishlists option to your WooCommerce store. It lets you allow your customers to save their favorite products in wishlists to purchase them later. The plugin also provides the option to share the wishlists with friends and family. Your customers can share the wishlist on social media which offers indirect advertising.

The plugin supports different variations of the product to add to the wishlist. If a customer selects a specific variation of the product, it will be displayed as it is. You can add the ‘Add to wishlist’ button anywhere on the shop page and show the ‘Remove from wishlist’ button when the product is on the Wishlist.

Key features of the plugin:

  • Add wishlists to your WooCommerce store
  • Share wishlists to friends and family
  • Share wishlists on social media

Download YITH WooCommerce wishlist plugin for free

7. Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommerce

When owning an eCommerce store, you might want to migrate products from your store for several reasons. This WooCommerce product import export plugin makes it easy to transfer all your products from your WooCommerce store.

The plugin lets you import and export WooCommerce products to a CSV or XML file. It supports multiple types of products including variable products, subscription products, grouped products, and external products. The plugin offers a user friendly interface to simplify the whole import/export process. 

It facilitates effortless to and fro migration of product data on your WooCommerce store. It lets you export product images separately and allows you to bulk edit the product data. You can also schedule import export functionality on your WooCommrce store using multiple FTP profiles and scheduling options.

Key features of the plugin:

  • Support different types of products
  • CSV and XML file support
  • Schedule import export
  • Several filter options for custom import/export

Download WooCommerce Product Import Export plugin for free.

8. Subscriptions for WooCommerce

If you are planning to sell subscription products, this plugin is all you need. This WooCommerce subscription plugin lets you create simple and variable subscriptions on your WooCommerce store. You can offer a free trial period as per your choice for your customers to try and test your product. 

The plugin lets you manage subscription renewals on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. You can charge a signup fee for subscriptions other than the actual subscription price. The plugin sends automated emails for various order statuses like canceled, expired, suspended, completed, and renewal reminders of subscriptions, to customers and site owners.

It supports popular payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal for regular recurring payments. The plugin also has an option to provide discounts for subscription renewals. You can easily create recurring fixed value or percentage subscription discount coupons on your WooCommerce store.

Key features of the plugin: 

  • Create simple and variable subscriptions
  • Offer trial period
  • Send automated emails
  • Support for popular payment gateways
  • Manage subscription renewals

Get Subscriptions for WooCommerce plugin.

9. ATUM WooCommerce Inventory Management and Stock Tracking

Managing store inventory is the most difficult part of owning an eCommerce business. Say it’s over! By using this inventory management plugin, you can perform the most difficult tasks with ease. The plugin offers the most advanced inventory management solution for your WooCommerce store. 

With this plugin, you can manage and keep track of your inventory with ease. It comes with a dashboard with all the relevant fields you may require. You can view all the products with the scroll of a mouse wheel or touch pad. It shows thumbnails of product images for a quick overview. 

The plugin lets you quickly edit the product price and sale price and bulk edit other inventory data. You can edit or update existing information on any WooCommerce product, and the change will immediately reflect on the front-end.

Key features of the plugin:

  • Inventory management dashboard
  • Easy update of the product price
  • Manage all your store products easily

Download WooCommerce Inventory management plugin for free.

10. Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce

This plugin has made customizing WooCommerce checkout fields easy like never before. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, you can add 20 different types of custom checkout fields to your checkout page.

The plugin gives you full control over the default WooCommerce checkout field. You can edit, delete or rearrange checkout fields as per your liking. There is an option to show or hide custom checkout fields in the order details page and WooCommerce emails. The validate option with the plugin lets you ensure not to miss any valuable information from the user.

You can use the Checkout Field Editor plugin to translate to other languages with WPML, Polylang, and Loco Translate. You can translate dynamic strings using Polylang or WPML plugin. 

Key features of the plugin:

  • Edit, delete, or rearrange default checkout fields
  • Add 20 custom fields to checkout
  • Validate checkout fields
  • Multilanguage support

Download Checkout field editor plugin for free.

11. Flexible shipping

If you are looking for a shipping plugin, this is the one you should consider. The plugin offers advanced shipping features for your WooCommerce store. You can calculate shipping costs based on weight and cart total.

The plugin allows you to charge a handling fee or insurance fee after reaching a certain order value. You can also charge an additional fee for cash on delivery shipping method. It offers full control over customizing the shipping and adjusting it to your need.

Key features of the plugin: 

  • Calculate shipping cost based on cart weight and order value
  • Add handling fee or insurance cost for shipping
  • Charge an additional fee for COD shipping

Download Flexible shipping for free.

12. Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

This is a must have plugin if you sell variable products on your WooCommerce store. It is a simple plugin that does a simple job but takes your WooCommerce product page to next level. The plugin offers a professional and aesthetic way to select attributes for variation products. 

This plugin turns the product variation select option fields into radio buttons that display images, colors, and labels. You can show product variation items in images, colors, and labels using this powerful variation swatch plugin.

The plugin automatically converts all variation dropdowns to button swatches by default. It lets you enable label/text/button swatches for variable product attribute variations. You can also blur or hide out of stock variations in your WooCommerce store.

Key features of the plugin: 

  • Enable image or color swatch for product variations
  • Customizable variation button swatches
  • Convert Globally Created Attribute Variations Into Color, Image, and Label Swatches

Download Variation swatches plugin for free.

13. WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency with WPML

This plugin is a one-stop solution for all multilingual requirements for your WooCommerce store. It lets you set up and manage products in multiple languages and currencies. This is a must have plugin if your store sells internationally.

It is the most advanced multicurrency plugin available in the WordPress plugin directory. The plugin lets you set up multiple currencies on your WooCommerce store and display them based on customer location. You can add currency swatches to your store site and format currencies on your store. 

The plugin lets you set your own exchange rates or you can integrate with an automatic exchange rate service. There is also an option to add custom prices and shipping rates in your secondary currencies. You can integrate with the WPML plugin to translate your store to any language. It lets you translate all products, product reviews, and other data on your store.

Key features of the plugin: 

  • Multicurrency and multilingual features
  • Set your own exchange rates
  • Add custom prices and shipping rates in secondary currencies
  • Translate WooCommerce products, reviews, etc.

Download Multilingual and multicurrency plugin for free.

14. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a popup builder plugin available for WordPress. It helps you gain more email subscribers and promote your online store to your customers. This plugin makes it easy to create beautiful popups for your website. 

A major advantage of using this plugin is that, unlike other popup builder plugins, OptinMonster focuses on user experience. This means it makes sure the popups on your website won’t annoy users and site visitors. The plugin allows you to create subtle popups without interfering with your customers’ shopping experience.

You can create mobile-friendly popups using this plugin, so your marketing messages will always look great on any device. It allows you to create custom popups to grow your email list, show discounts, cross-sell or upsell WooCommerce products, and more. The plugin offers endless options for creating different types of popup campaigns on your store.

You can create interactive campaigns like coupon wheel optins to increase WooCommerce conversions. This is a proven strategy to increase sales and lead generation. 

Key features of the plugin: 

  • Create different types of popups
  • Build effective popup campaigns
  • Spin a wheel campaign
  • Create mobile popups

Download OptinMonster plugin for free.

15. TeraWallet – For WooCommerce

Digital wallet systems on WooCommerce can make a big difference to your eCommerce business. It helps you gain more conversions and boost sales in your store. TeraWallet is a digital wallet plugin that allows your customers to store their money in the digital wallet within your store.

This facilitates a flawless payment system on your WooCommerce store. Your customers can top up their wallets using various payment methods. They can make purchases with their wallet amount. You can offer rewards and cashbacks to your customers and promote using wallets in your store.

It works like any other payment method and customers don’t need to fill in any payment details resulting in a faster payment process. The plugin offers options to initiate refunds to the wallet, which can help you not lose sales from your customers. The admin can lock or unlock wallets for customers, and send notifications for low balances. The plugin also allows your customers to transfer wallet amounts to other users. 

Key features of the plugin:

  • Create a reliable digital wallet system
  • Offer cashback and rewards
  • Send refunds to the wallet
  • Users can transfer wallet amounts to others

Download TeraWallet plugin for free.

Summing up

For every eCommerce business, it is important that you improve the shopping experience in your store for your customers. Plugins help you add various functionality that your store misses out on.

We believe that this article helped you in finding the right plugins for your WooCommerce. Was this article helpful to you? Let us know in the comments.

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