7 Best Resume Builder In 2022: Ranked & Reviewed

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We underestimate how much an excellent CV affects our profile. A CV or resume should list your accomplishments and attributes briefly and clearly.

Employers scan resumes but don’t spend much time on them. Therefore, be concise. AI has made resume writing easier. Make one in minutes. I’ve chosen the 10 greatest AI Resume Builder Tools to save you time.

What Are The Best Resume Builder?

1. Rezi Resume

Price: Free & Paid (Basic $2/mo, Plus $9/mo, Pro $29/mo, and Lifetime $69)


Rezi Resume Builder creates detailed resumes quickly. First, it asks about your expertise and frames everything properly. After that, enter your contact information and a professional summary. Include experience, projects, education, qualification, talents, etc. Rezi optimizes your resume with keywords and helps you pass applicant tracking systems.


● Build a free resume
● Keyword optimization
● Quick and hassle-free experience


● Only one resume in the free version
● Limited templates and fonts
● No access without a subscription

2. Skillroads

Pricing: Cover letter $60, Resume + Cover letter $140, Resume + Cover + LinkedIN profile editing $215)


Skillroads AI’s resume generator is free and offers writing services. A quiz generates a resume in minutes. It’s straightforward to use and doesn’t require lengthy explanations. Skillroads offers cover letter and CV writing services. Customers like this service.


● Generate AI Resume for free
● Questionnaire method
● Paid services managed by writing experts


● Errors in AI-generated CVs
● Overwhelming prices
● Limited personalization

3. MosaicAI Resume

MosaicAI Resume

Mosaic AI Resume builder lets you locate the ideal keywords for your resume and hiring teams’ keywords/topics. Review your resume for flaws and writing problems. The tool examines your writing’s strengths to help you improve. This program optimizes existing resumes.


● Analyze Keywords/Topics from hiring teams
● Analyze strengths and weaknesses in the CV
● Better optimization


● Limited templates and fonts
● Time-taking process
● Minor punctuation errors

4. Cvviz

Price: Free & Paid (Starter $59, Basic $89, Standard $149, Pro $239)/month


Cvviz.com is an AI Resume Screening tool for companies. Beyond keyword matching, it contextually examines resumes to find the best prospects. This technique was used by hundreds of employers, highlighting the importance of a well-written CV. It has an applicant tracking system with candidate sourcing to assist employers to discover the perfect employee.


● 14-Day Trial
● Precise Resume Screening
● Candidate sourcing and Applicant tracking system


● Limited features under the free trial
● No resume generating
● Misleading at times

5. Resumestar


ResumeStar is a free AI-powered resume generator. This tool is for IT freshmen and students. It creates a modern one-page resume and boosts hiring prospects. The tool’s AI-based Resume certification and standardization help you stand out. Once your resume is generated, you can save it as a QR Code.


● Free online tool
● Modern one-page resume
● Resume accreditation and standardization


● Designed for IT Industry
● Data theft is possible through QR code
● Limited personalization

6. Enhancv

Price: $19.99/month, $44.97/quarterly, $65.94/6 months


Enhancv allows you more control over your resume’s content. After entering your details, you must add each section like education, experience, or talents to proceed. It has 20 helpful resume categories. The free trial only allows one document. You must subscribe to modify or rewrite the first document.


● Precise resume building
● 20 sets of sections
● More control over the process


● Only one resume is allowed in the free trial
● Higher pricing than others
● Confusing website interface

7. Resume Shine

Price: Free and Paid (Resume- $29.65, Cover Letter- $7.8)

Resume Shine

Shine.com’s resume score checker analyses and optimizes resumes. It analyses your data and analyses your resume to make improvements. Hire CV writers from the website. The expert will draught your resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile for a cost. This site doesn’t allow resumes.


● Free resume score checker
● Affordable writing services
● Suggestions to improve resume


● No AI resume generator
● Vague suggestions
● Inaccurate scoring for the same resume


AI resume builders save millions of people time and effort. These tools are old and not well-known. Job-seekers recognize their worth.

AI-powered programs can create better, more optimized resumes than humans. We hope this list helps you choose the best resume builder or score checker.

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