7 Best AI Note Taker for Meetings in 2022

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Meetings are an almost universal aspect of working life. However, when it comes to sharing in the decision-making process, they are frequently more annoying than helpful because of inadequate or unclear information. However, software-based AI note-takers can change all of that by adding essential context to meetings in both textual and visual formats, enhancing their value for all parties. AI will revolutionize the way we operate and is a huge deal in the workplace. But precisely what is this technology?

What Are The Best AI Note Takers?

1. Fireflies


Price: Free & Paid ($10 – $19/month)

Fireflies.ai is a note-taking and meeting management platform that captures and shares real-time talks and helps managers pick themes and people to focus on. Fireflies.ai can be approved for your company with a few clicks, allowing you to modify it. It’s perfect for workgroups with many weekly meetings where you struggle to stay up.


  • Easily get a transcript from old recordings
  • A detailed and efficient dashboard overview
  • Share meeting notes automatically with others


  • Setup can be confusing 
  • Relatively new software which needs more testing

2. Otter


Price: Free & Paid ($8.33 – $20/month)

Two AI engineers created Otter.ai, a meeting note-taking AI. Manual note-taking is tiresome and fruitless, according to the duo. Otter.ai collects every detail in a meeting using natural voice recognition. Otter.ai records meetings with NLP and ML. It can identify speakers 98% accurately, transcribe their words 95% accurately, and distinguish their emotions.


  • Great accuracy to interpret multiple sounds and speakers
  • Export options to transport podcast/videos into blog posts or recycled content
  • Reasonable price with the cheapest subscription being enough for normal use


  • Free transcription reduced from 600 minutes to 3 imports
  • Cannot share folders from your account with others
  • Key combinations for shortcuts have to be re-adjusted as they perform multiple functions at once

3. Notiv


Price: Free & Paid ($19 – $39/month)

Notiv.com is a new AI-powered note-taking service. It’s web software that transcribes dictated notes. The service lets you create meetings and invite participants. You can dictate notes before a meeting. Notiv.com is web-based and accessible from anywhere. It’s fantastic for meeting note-takers.

Notiv can transcribe calls and meetings. You can use a pre-loaded template or let it write your ongoing notes. It’s good for quickly jotting down ideas and directions, but not flawless.


  • The great transcription that can be shared with the client right after the meeting
  • Easy sync with Google calendar to join and record meetings automatically
  • The free version is enough for normal usage


  • Paid plans lack the number of minutes per month for professional users
  • No free trial with the paid features

4. Hendrix


Price: $39-$49/month

Hendrix.ai is a meeting-focused AI note-taker. When it talks, it has a human-sounding voice. The business says the voice will become more natural. Android and iOS have the app.


  • A 14-day free trial
  • Accurate transcriptions 
  • It is still under development with more AI-based features to come


  • A bit more costly than other software
  • No free usage after the 14-day trial period
  • Misses out on a few online conferencing platforms

5. DeepTalk AI


Price: Free & Paid ($25 – $50/month)

Here’s how to record meetings quickly, easily, and promptly. DeepTalk.ai takes AI meeting notes. Web app. Schedule a meeting and invite others with a link. These apps let you remember every detail and review them later. Free trial, 14-day money-back guarantee. The easy-to-use software has everything needed for a successful meeting. It captures meeting agendas, summaries, notes, photos, and videos. You can scan papers for later use.


  • Free trial of the pro version with a 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Automatically capture meeting notes, agendas, pictures, and videos
  • Scan and import documents directly into the app for quick sharing


  • The free version is quite limited in terms of features
  • Monthly plans are again quite pricey

6. Meet Aira


Price: Free.

MeetAira.ai is a cloud-based AI that records your meetings. AI captures practically everything you say. MeetAira.ai will offer you a link to your meeting recordings afterward. Share them with coworkers. MeetAira.ai supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


  • Transcript all conversations to produce a voice recording at the end of your meeting
  • Automatically analyze the meeting’s action items and mail them to all attendees
  • Increases productivity, encourages collaboration, and keeps all members up-to-date with the discussions


  • Misses out on some online conferencing platforms like Google Meet
  • Being free software, it lacks some premium features unlike its competitors

7. Colibri


Price: Free & Paid ($16 – $40/month)

Colibri.ai is an AI-powered meeting note-taking assistant that seeks to streamline meetings. Taking notes on a laptop or Google Docs might be hectic in a conference. Colibri.ai’s AI-powered assistant helps you develop a team-friendly note-taking procedure. Once a meeting template is generated, you can use it for future meetings. Using the same template repeatedly can teach it to do that. It saves time on generating another template.


  • Simultaneous transcriptions for great workflow
  • Easily upload text and audio files to the software
  • Allows you to turn transcription on/off from the app interface


  • Transcription is not 100% accurate but still helpful
  • Cannot categorize meeting recordings into folders
  • Multiple speakers make accuracy more unreliable
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