A review of the Best Paraphrasing Tool.ai

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True to its name, Paraphrasingtool.ai is a paraphrasing tool using AI (artificial technology) to rephrase content for its users. If you are looking for a complete overview of paraphrasingtool.ai, this article is for you.

This article covers an in-depth review of this paraphrasing technology with its incredible features, complete processing, advantages, and drawbacks. In the end, you will find out whether the tool is worth giving a try or not.

So, let’s get started!

What is a paraphrasingtool.ai?

Paraphrasingtool.ai is a well-known free online paraphrasing tool on the web that features advanced artificial intelligence to rephrase a piece of text or a complete article.

This sophisticated online paraphraser took any given text and change the specific words with the most appropriate and relevant synonyms.

It also works on changing the sentence structure that gives the content a unique turnover while preserving the context of the original text.

Let’s move to the working of this tool.

 How does paraphrasingtool.ai work?

Speaking of its easy-to-use interface, this paraphrasing tool is very simple to navigate.  Anyone can start using it even without proper technical knowledge.

To get started with paraphrasing, follow the below-mentioned easy steps;

  • Go to the website paraphrasingtool.ai and open up the tool
  • Copy paste the material you need to rephrase
  • Hit the ‘’Paraphrase’’ tab to get the results

As you can see, this tool is quite easy to use. Don’t tap into any of its additional functions such as summarizer, plagiarism checker, etc. We check the tool through just to make sure it’s easy to work.

Due to the easy functionality, the tool is easy for everyone to use. Needless to say, the more straightforward the use of a tool is, the greater the value it offers.

Thus, using this application, you will surely achieve simplified results with little effort and no intricacy at all.


Features of paraphrasingtool.ai

There are a lot of great features that make it an ideal tool for any professional content creator, so be sure to check them out.

Works as an all-round writing assistant tool

You will find this an all-around writing assistance tool that provides other services other than a paraphraser, such as Text Summarizer, Content Generator, Plagiarism Checker, and Grammar Checker.

This all-in-one tool performs great to optimize your content for search engine results.

  • The Text summarizer writes a concise summary of paraphrased material
  • The content generator uses GP3 to generate content from scratch
  • The plagiarism checker analyzes the paraphrased content for duplication issues
  • The Grammar checker checks for grammatical errors in the content.

Four paraphrasing modes

Let’s have a closer look at the offered paraphrasing modes. This paraphrasing tool provides four different rephrasing modes to pick from. 

  • Text improver
  • Near human
  • Plagiarism remover
  • Creative

We have tested each model individually and mentioned the results below.

·       Text improver

This paraphrasing mode works on content fluency by changing the fewer words with their synonyms. See the example below. It rewrites text in a way that maintains the text fluency without changing the actual meaning of the text. However, manual paraphrasing can polish up the rephrased content.

·       Near human

This paraphrasing mode claims to rephrase text and give human-readable results, meaning that the rephrased material does not sound robotic. Let’s see how this mode works.

This mode makes some changes in the sentence structure, making them go out from their original meaning. This mode gives relatively less accurate results than the text improver, thus requiring more precise proofreading and editing.

·       Plagiarism remover

This mode is best to rephrase material to avoid duplication issues in the text. Let’s see its results.

It rephrases the text accurately but does it actually remove plagiarism too? To find out this, we used the plagiarism checker of the same resource and check whether it has plagiarism or not.

Yes, it does remove the plagiarism. So, you can trust this tool to avoid plagiarism while writing a paper.

·       Creative mode

The fourth mode offered by paraphrasingtool.ai changes the complete sentence structure to make it creative, original, and trustworthy.

Free of cost

There are no extra charges or hidden fees for paraphrasing by using this tool. You can start paraphrasing for free by just opening up the tool and copy-pasting your content.

This is a very good point because most of the competitors ask you to register or sign up before using them. On the other hand, the users do not need to pay a single penny for using this tool because all the features are available for free.

Saves your precious time

Paraphrasingtool.ai allows its users to generate unique and original content for their blogs, articles, or websites without having to spend ages doing it manually.

This amazing tool saves you from having to spend precious time on writing content for your blog when you could have been doing other things instead. You can simply use this paraphrasing tool to generate unique and original content instantly.

Improves writing skills

This rephrase tool also helps you to improve your writing skills and make you a better writer who can write on any topic or subject matter with ease and clarity.

It also provides you with an opportunity to learn new terms and vocabulary by showing you different ways the additional words and phrases can be adjusted in creative ways.

Ultra-fast results

Any paraphrase tool must have a high degree of speed and efficiency. Most tools lack these two abilities. However, this paraphraser includes both of them. Use this tool and you will see that saving time and ensuring accurate outcomes are two of its primary benefits.

How much does paraphrasingtool.ai cost you?

The free version of this excellent rephrasing tool is a forever plan that allows its users to happy writing experience for a lifetime. The free version of this tool lets you rephrase 1000 words for one spin at once.

There is no limitation on rephrasing modes on the free version as well. You can use all of its paraphrasing modes with a free version which makes this tool distinctive from others.

However, for bulk rewriting, you can avail of its premium packages that cost you around $99 per month. This package offers 5000 words of paraphrasing in one go. Its paid version is a great utility for larger businesses and busy writers to rephrase the content in larger chunks.

Is paraphrasingtool.ai worth using?

The answer to that question is yes!

After trying and testing the several online paraphrasing tools available on the internet, we have found that paraphrasingtool.ai is the best option for writers, bloggers, and students for rewriting content to make it plagiarism and error-free.

It is a web-based tool that not only rewrites content fast but also offers other assisting tools to make it error-free and 100 percent unique. Unlike other online paraphrasing, this tool lets you enjoy its all paraphrasing modes for free of cost so there is no point in not giving it a try.

In a nutshell, paraphrasingtool.ai is a perfect tool to rephrase content to find 100 percent originality and duplication-free text in a blink of an eye.

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